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The Eras CandyGram – Taylor's Version

  • $25.00

Introducing The Eras CandyGram – Taylor's Version.

A sweet tribute that celebrates the incredible musical journey of Taylor Swift. We're definitely in our Candy Era!

ALL ERAS ARE AVAILABLE. Choose the era that resonates with you, and we'll craft your fresh CandyGram "swiftly." The mixes below may waver slightly based on availability. We may substitute an alternate candy but will always follow the Era's colour story.


🎶 Choose Your Era and dive into the sweet melodies and vibrant collection of Taylor's music career:

  • Taylor Swift: A mix of Green Apple Bonbons, Sour Blue Rasp Bottles, Watermelon Bears, Daisies, and Butterflies - a tribute to beginnings filled with dreams and innocence.

  • Fearless: Embark on a fearless journey with Daisies, Mango Frosties, Pineapple Bears, White Hearts, and Toffee Bonbons, capturing the golden sparkle of Taylor's breakthrough.

  • Speak Now: Express yourself with Butterflies, Purple Pandies, Grape Rings, Sour Grapes, Grape Munchies, and Grape Belts - a nod to self-written stories and heartfelt confessions.

  • Red: Taste the bittersweet Strawberry Bears, Red Berries, Sanded Hearts, Gummy Roses, and Happy Cherries, reminiscent of love's intense hues.

  • 1989: Savor the pop evolution with Toffee Bon Bons, Salted Caramel Pandies, Sanded Hearts, Ice Cream Cones, Sour Blue Rasp Bottles, and Blue Rasp Bears for a burst of beachy synth-pop joy.

  • Reputation: Revenge is best served sweet with Twin Snakes, Black Raspberry Hearts, Black Raspberry Minis, Sour Cherry Cola Bottles, and White Pandies - dark, mysterious, and utterly captivating.

  • Lover: Fall in love with Strawberry Sweetcakes, Cherry Flamingos, Strawberry Swirls, Rainbow Pandies, and Pink/White Stars - a spectrum of love's nuances.

  • Folklore: Wander through the whimsical woods with Sour Apple Laces, Gold Sixlets, Strawberry Banana Bears, Silver Dragees, and Daisies - a folklore of mythical tales and soft reflections.

  • Evermore: Continue the journey with Mango Frosties, Pineapple Bears, Sour Cherry Slices, Blackcurrant Bonbons, and Cola Bottles - an evergreen escape into the unknown.

  • Midnights: Confront the witching hour and meet us at midnight with Sour Grapes, Grape Munchies, Grape Rings, Blue Raspberry Bears, and Bejeweled Bubblegum - a reflective dive into the complexities of lavender haze.

  • NEW! The Tortured Poets Department: For the anthology, immerse yourself in hues of black, white, and sepia with Root Beer Bottles, Lemon Bonbons, Sanded Hearts, Peach Penguins, Sour Cola Bottles, Salted Caramel Pandies, and Cola Belts.

Swap, Collect, Savour
Each CandyGram comes with a custom-designed friendship bracelet card to showcase each Taylor Swift album and its imagery. Like trading bracelets at a Taylor concert, collect every CandyGram era for the ultimate Swiftie experience. Swap with friends and savour the flavours together.

In the spirit of Taylor's ever-evolving music and message, we invite you to shake off the ordinary and dive into a world of extraordinary flavours and memories. Whether you're a long-time Swiftie, a lover of unique candies, or looking for the perfect gift, The Eras CandyGram – Taylor's Version is your ticket to a whimsical, sweet adventure.

Each era of Taylor's discography is brought to life with a custom candy mix, embodying her albums' vibes, emotions, and colours. From the country roots of Taylor Swift to the introspective vibes of Midnights, experience the evolution of an icon, one sweet bite at a time.

Each CandyGram is filled with approximately 1kg of fresh and delicious candy from the Eras of your choice. This product measures 4" x 4" x 4".