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Candy Cane Kids

Candy Cane Kids


Looking for something fun to do with the kiddos this holiday season?

Our friends at Occasional Notes have launched their hit Canadian Musical, "Candy Cane Kids", online through video on demand and we've partnered with them to add some sweet treats to complete your experience! 

Now more than ever, we need to support local. With events not happening, this creative live production is gaining to hearts of so many while entertaining the kids! We all know we need more kid friendly activities to keep the little ones busy!



Treat your family, classroom, staff, or just yourself to this heartwarming original musical. Our video-on-demand production is now available for just $9.95 from November 20th to January 2nd!
Cookie, Stripe and Pep are the Quality Control Inspectors for McJingles Incorporated. Their job? To monitor, measure and analyze Christmas spirit worldwide. This year, however, the cheery trio discover Canadian spirit is dangerously low, and pull out all the stops to raise it. Using their social media platform Jinglegram, they decide to broadcast live! They sing, dance, bake and cheer-on Canada in this hour long extravaganza. Are they successful? You’ll have to tune in to find out!


Group pricing will also be available, so please contact them with your inquiries.


Add some Sweet Treats to your Showing!

Whether you just want a little pick me up while your watching or some sweet treats to enjoy afterwards - we have some deliciousness for you!

Add on any of our products and get FREE delivery in Calgary (orders of $25+ only)

Candy Cane Kids + Sweets are great for:

  • Corporate Kids Events (from the comfort of home!)
  • Teachers to Treat their students
  • Parents looking for something fun to do with their kiddos!


Contact us and we can come up with a customized sweets package for your Candy Cane Kids viewing!













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