"How Sweet It Is"

Splendor & Grace 
July 15th, 2015

Straight Up Sugar

While all these other ideas are delicious, I think it’s safe to say when you need a little bit of sweet in your life candy is the only way to really get the job done. But for a fun twist on the candy bar why not treat your guests to some sugar on wheels and book a local candy food truck like The Sugar Cube based in Calgary. It’s sure to be an experience your guests remember long after the sugar high is over!

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"Calgary // Workshop Tour"

Bot Communications
Nicole Breanne
July 6th, 2015

We also had delicious afternoon treats from The Sugar Cube. The founder and Chief of Sweets (I just made that title up), Alyssa, also attended one of my earlier workshops and I was amazed by her business, ethic and lifestyle she was building around her purple candy truck. One of my favourite things about Alyssa is her commitment to her brand. Even before attending my workshop on branding, she was living and breathing her brand by wearing purple, and looking + living the part. And a girl with a candy truck is a girl after my own heart! After all, who doesn’t love candy!?

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"10 Ideas to Make your Wedding Unique"

Loree Photography
April 22nd, 2015

2. Food trucks. Food trucks are all sorts of awesome. I saw the coolest one at Bridal Fantasy in Calgary this year. It’s called the sugar cube. I’ve also had couples have hot dog stands outside of their dances for guests to grab a snack.

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"Food Subscriptions you can Sign up for in Calgary"

Avenue Magazine
Nicole Halloran
November 25th, 2014

For your monthly dose of those hard-to-find favourites, sign up for the Sugar Cube’s Candy Club. Choose your favourite gourmet gummy, or mix it up each month with a random selection. Some candies are exclusive to the club, and you’ll have access to new releases before anyone else. Regardless, sugar will end up on your front step one way or another. Sounds like a sweet deal to us.

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"Peer Review- The Sweet Life of Alyssa Tilston"

The University of Calgary 
September 17th, 2014

Alyssa Tilston, BComm’12, launched The Sugar Cube, Calgary’s mobile candy store, in March 2013. When she is not selling sweets on the streets, she works as a Marketing Manager at Sure Systems Ltd. On this episode of the podcast, we discuss her undergraduate experience at UCalgary, how to successfully use social media to grow a small business, and debate whether or not chips should be considered candy.

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"The Sugar Cube"

Tyler Marr Blog
Tyler Marr
September 14th, 2014

A few friends and I were out and about Friday night in Calgary. While we were walking around Inglewood, we stumbled upon this amazing purple truck filled with heavenly sugary treats and my favorite, vanilla Coke.

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"A Day in The Life of a Food Truck: The Sugar Cube"

Branded Magazine
Sunjeev Prasad
September 2014

For Alyssa Tilston, candy is more than a tasty treat; it's a connection to her upbringing.
"My Family in Ontario have a couple candy stores so I Grew up around it and was lucky enough to try out a wide variety. They've been supportive in hooking up suppliers and offering advice," she says.

 "The Sugar Cube is a Candy Store on Wheels" 

The Calgary Journal
Paulina Liwski
July 6th, 2014

Alyssa Tilston, who founded The Sugar Cube, has operated the food truck in Calgary for over a year now.

Her love for candy developed as a young girl and it grew even more as she watched her aunt and uncle launch a successful candy store in Ontario. From there, it inspired her to go one step further and try something different in the realm of food trucks.

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"Give A Mile"

Design 4 Change
May 31st 2014

We called up some of Calgary's best food trucks for this event, including Bento Burrito, Red Wagon, and The Sugar Cube, to serve up some delicious lunch and dessert. The Museum of Interactive Entertainment (MOIE) set up shop and let families play through their collection of interactive games. The Aviation Program at Mount Royal University also graciously gave tours in their state-of-the-art flight simulator.

"5 New Food Trucks Rolling Around Calgary"

Avenue Magazine
Dan Clapson
September 26th, 2013

If you have an insatiable sweet tooth, then you'll likely appreciate the city's newest food truck, Sugar Cube. Blue whales, wine gums and gummi coke bottles are just a few of the sweet treats you can load up on from Calgary's mobile sugar rush. Don't tell your dentist. (, @sugarcubeyyc)

"The Sugar Cube delight's Calgary's Sweet Tooth"

Spectator Tribune 
Krista Weibe
May 24th, 2013

The Sugar Cube is the newest addition to Calgary’s street food scene and it’s stirring up quite a sweet buzz. Alyssa Tilston and Justin Enns, the creators of The Sugar Cube, came up with the idea for a candy truck when they were on a trip to Disney World in the Fall of 2012. “We had seen how kids and adults would light up when visiting the parks and we especially noticed how crazy everyone would get over the Disney candy and treats,” says Tilston. “We knew that we wanted to start something fun in Calgary that would get people excited.”

"The Valentine's Date- It's Date Night"

It's Date Night

The Sugar cube brings back the candy gram! Have a baby gram, a candy cube or a candy basket delivered to your babes work and really impress! The Sugar Cube will customize the delivery to whatever sweet tooth you're looking to please.

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"Win your Dream Wedding with Weddings by Evanescents!"

Calgary Bridal Alliance

The Sugar Cube Mobile Candy Truck- Favours
• The Sugar Cube Food Truck on site
• 200g (1cup) per Guest of Bulk Candy for 100 guests
• 50 Selections of Bulk Candy
• 2 Hours of Service
VALUE $750

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"Calgary Weddings"

Rosa Novias

Looking for a way to sweeten up your special day? Do it with candy! The Sugar Cube is your one stop shop to making sure your guests leave with a lasting impression -and a sugar rush! We specialize in all things candy - from buffets, to favours or centerpieces - you can even book our unique candy truck!

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"The Sugar Cube"


What’s your favourite favour of all time?
My favourite favour of all time was a wedding I did this year. We made candy centre pieces – for each table we had vases that were filled with a different type of candy alongside some great floral arrangements. Each table was named after the type of candy that was in the centre piece. Guests could then go around all evening from table to table, mingling, but also filling up their very own favour bag. It was a great idea to get people up and talking – and it was so much fun!

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"Sophisticated Halloween Wedding"

Calgary Bride 

Favours: The Sugar Cube

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"Andrea and Clayton - August 30, 2014"

The Calgary Bridal Guide (Fall and Winter 2015) 
Featured Favours - The Sugar Cube 

"Justine and Patrick - October 31st, 2014"

The Calgary Bridal Guide (Fall and Winter 2015)
Featured Favours - The Sugar Cube (Candy Buffet)