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Celebration Mix Gigantic CandyGram

  • $25.00

Discover a world of celebratory flavours with our signature celebration CandyGrams! 

Step into a delightful landscape of taste with our Celebration CandyGrams, a collection designed for any and every festive occasion. This isn't just an assortment of treats; it's a curated experience for all the little holidays and happy moments that deserve recognition.

Within this box, you'll find a vibrant tapestry of candies with different variations, each representing a reason to celebrate, no matter the season or reason. Our Celebration CandyGram is for those who find joy in the everyday and the extraordinary alike, offering a taste of festivity whenever the mood strikes.

NEW: Celebrate Chinese New Year with our special Celebration Mix, a vibrant homage to the Year of the Dragon. This limited edition CandyGram features a festive array of red, yellow, and gold candies, symbolizing luck, joy, and prosperity. The highlight is our exclusive gourmet gummy dragons embodying power and good fortune. Each bite is an adventure crafted to bring the spirit of renewal and hope into your celebrations. Embrace tradition and taste the extraordinary with our beautifully curated mix, designed to make your New Year's festivities unforgettable.

Our Celebration CandyGrams are perfectly packaged at 4 x 4 x 4 inches and contain approximately 1 kg of assorted candies. It's an invitation to treat yourself or share a moment of joy, offering a delightful blend for any reason you can celebrate throughout the year!