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Spread The Hop - Candy Bag Package

  • $60.00

Our Candy Bag Packages are designed to "Spread the Hop" back to a charitable organization! $5 from every package sold from our Spread the Hop Candy Bags will be donated to COMING SOON!


Take on the role of the Easter Bunny with ease this year with our Spread The Hop Package! This package comes with whatever amount you choose of our $3.00 assorted candy bags filled with gummy and sour candy in our Spring mix so you can spread the sweetness to those around you.


Sharing candy in everyday life:

Spring! - Pass these out while you surprise and delight your friends! Great for kids to take to school. We have these bags in PF/NF options and GF/DF, too!⁠

Delivery Drivers - Show them you appreciate them with a little treat!⁠

Service Providers - Treat your favourite nurse, barista, therapist, caregiver, groomer, snow removal team member, or teacher. The options are endless!

After-School Surprise - Sweet treats after a long day at school.

Road Trip Snacks - Keeping spirits high and hunger at bay during family road trips.

Movie Marathon Munchies - Enhance your family movie nights by adding these treats to your snack lineup. They're great for munching on while enjoying your favourite films or sprinkling them onto your popcorn! 


These candy bags are great to have on hand at work:

Desk Drawer Delights - It's the perfect pick-me-up for those mid-afternoon slumps!

Front Desk Treats - Grab and go for all of your clients!

Meeting Room Munchies - It's a game-changer for long meetings and brainstorming sessions, and you'll be the office hero for bringing something so unexpectedly delightful!

Colleagues - Spreading smiles with candy!

Volunteer Teams - Good deeds all around!⁠

Break Room Boosters - Because work is better with a candy break!⁠

Valentine's At The Office - The perfect companion to share a little love.

Welcome Pack Additions - Include these treats in welcome packs for new employees. It's a sweet way to make a great first impression and show your company's fun and welcoming culture.


Start spreading the hop 🐰