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Spring - Cotton Candy Tubs

  • $5.00

Get fresh this spring season with our delightful cotton candy tubs! These fluffy treats are perfect for anyone on your list, from kids to adults, teachers, and friends. Our spring flavours are bursting with exciting blends that will tantalize your taste buds. Sprinkle smiles with these irresistible treats that all ages will love!

Our Limited Edition Cotton Candy flavours are available now and into the Spring Season, So don't miss the chance to try our delicious flavours.

These Cotton Candy Tubs are (32oz) each, and you can choose one (or more) of our exclusive flavours:


Lucky Charms - A Blue Raspberry Marshmallow mix with JUMBO "lucky charm" marshmallows!
Irish Coffee - A mild creamy vanilla blend that you can have any time of the day!
Sour Rainbow - A sweet and sour spring bite!
Carrot Cake - Carrot Cake, but make it Cotton Candy! Light and fluffy
Honey Lavender - The calming scent of lavender and the sweet taste of honey
Mini Egg - A marshmallow base with crushed chocolate mini eggs

NOTE: The suggested shelf life of cotton candy is a maximum of 2 weeks. Store in a cool, dry area away from little hands!