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Food allergies are no joke but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to partake in some delicious treats!
Please note that while we can cater to many allergies, and our staff will make sure to put together a delicious selection, candy options will be limited. A small surcharge is added to these orders to account for the extra care and time required to ensure your safety. 
See below for the allergens we are able to accommodate.
All allergen specific products in your order will be denoted with an allergen sticker on the bottom right hand corner of the product!
When in doubt, we recommend Cotton Candy as a safe allergen free option!
Rainbow Candy Buffet from The Sugar Cube

Gluten and Dairy Free Candy

Our founder is a Celiac so trust us, we know Gluten Free and can make any and all product selections gluten free. We can also make any and all products Dairy Free! From our bulk-candy CandyGrams to our packaged-candy Gift Baskets, and of course - Cotton Candy!
From our experience, these allergens are frequently grouped together so we have grouped them together in a single category. 

Peanut and Nut Free Candy

Depending on the severity of the the allergy we can generally accommodate but for many of our manufacturers we cannot guarantee that their products were not made in peanut-free facilities.
For mild-allergies we can make sure to select an assortment of candy without nut ingredients. For severe allergies, please make sure to state this and we will ensure that we only use candies that are guaranteed made in a peanut and nut free facility.
For severe allergies we would suggest a Surprise Bag or Candy Basket as we do have some suppliers that manufacture in peanut and nut free facilities and you can double check ingredients on the back of the packages.
If you are looking for the simplest option, grab some Cotton Candy Tubs in our amazing flavours, these contain zero trace of peanut or other nuts.

Vegan Candy

Vegan candy is a bit of a tough nut to crack but we've been working hard to expand our Vegan selection and do carry a range of Vegan Candy in our CandyGrams.

Sugar Free Candy

We can definitely make something great but we do have limited supplies of sugar-free candy we require longer lead time on these orders to ensure we have a good selection of options. Upon ordering we will confirm with you that we can fulfill the order. The best option for Sugar Free Candy is to order a CandyGram. We also carry Sugar Free Cotton Candy!
If you're looking for keto friendly candy, we unfortunately do not carry any suitable options!

Halal Candy

We do carry a couple of candy brands that are Halal and can accommodate this preference as well. Most of our Halal options are bulk, so we do recommend ordering either a Candy Bag or our CandyGrams.
What if I have a halal diet and a nut allergy?
Please send us a message prior to ordering. The main brand we source our halal candy from also processes nuts in their facility so we may have to do a check to ensure we can accommodate this order. 

I don't see my allergy listed here!

If you do not see your allergy listed here we unfortunately cannot accommodate it and our best recommendation would be Cotton Candy Tubs due to its simplicity in ingredients- just sugar and flavouring!

Not sure if a gift you received is allergen friendly?

Head to to check your candies and the allergens they are suitable for!

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