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Candy Club

How the Candy Club works

Step One: Choose a Package


You love candy, and that’s great because that’s what we have! Choose from one of our different available packages and then sit back and relax while we deliver you new and exciting candies to your office or doorstep each month. Every month will come with something new! Be the first one in your office or on your block to receive access to our latest candy options. Read below to see our package options and click through to sign up!

Option A: Gigantic CandyGram Subscription

Our Gigantic CandyGrams comes with a kilogram of candy, tailored to our special theme of the month! You'll discover new favourites, rediscover candies you once loved, and try things you never knew existed! 

Have some favourites you always want included? Let us know and we'll do our best to add them whenever we have stock! Have some candies you can not stand? Let us know and we'll make sure to never add them!

Click here to get a Gigantic CandyGram Subscription

Option B: Candy Basket Subscription

We try and keep the themes similar to the Gigantic CandyGram subscription but throw in some fun retro candies and a new soda for you to try!  Each package comes you receive each month will have 5-10 different types of candy. Some of your favourites, but likely also some you have never tried before. This enhances your candy knowledge and allows you to explore in a safe manner as all our candy types are hand selected by our sugar experts.

Click here to get a Candy Basket Subscription


Step Two: Receive your Candy


Have your candy shipped to the location you’d like, whether it’s the office or your home. Joining the Candy Club is an easy way to treat your staff or show your clients your appreciation. Not ready to enjoy it right away, our CandyGrams will stay fresh for up to 3 months full wrapped and up to a month once opened. Empty your candy into a ziploc bag or container to seal in the freshness as long as possible.

Step Three: Try and Share!

Don’t keep it quiet, share your comments, feedback, suggestions and general thoughts about the candy you receive in our exclusive social community. There are no wrong answers as you learn about what your fellow Candy Club members liked about each package. Learn more simply by being part of the experience!

Let us know what you think!

Step Four: Enjoy? Buy more!

Having a special event or maybe you’d just like more? No problem. Candy Club members can increase their allotment anytime (as inventory permits) and purchase gift items for friends. Our candy makes for fantastic gifts and centrepieces for events!

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