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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to add something else to my order? 

Easy! Just email with the details of what you want to add and we will revise your invoice.

How long does the product stay fresh?

We go to great lengths to make sure the candy you receive is extremely fresh and hope you can enjoy it that way. But we understand there may be times where that isn’t possible so we hope this helps you better understand how long various products will stay fresh.


Our regular and gigantic CandyGram cubes come wrapped in a cellophane bag that helps extend there freshness to a couple months, whereas our baby CandyGram is best consumed within a couple weeks.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is very susceptible to environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. As such, our cotton candy BAGS should be consumed within a few a days of being made and our cotton candy TUBS are good for a couple weeks.

Is a receipt or invoice included in the package? 

No, we never include a receipt, invoice or anything that directly refers to prices. We do however use various labels to identify the recipient, order number and items in the order.

Can I include a note to the recipient?

Yes! During checkout there is a box where you can leave a note that will be included with the package.

I have specific dietary needs, what options do you offer?

Learn more on our Allergies page.

I need something urgently - what are my options? 

We can often accommodate urgent needs but not always. Check out our Rush options on our Shipping page and then please call 403 835 5543 or email before placing your order to confirm what you need is possible.

I have a special request, how can I let you know about it?

During checkout there is a box you can leave comments/instructions in for our staff. We will do our best to accommodate your needs! 

What time do you deliver?

During peak periods like Christmas and Valentine’s Day we deliver up until 6:30 pm, during non-peak periods all deliveries are completed by 4:30pm. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we love working with retailers. Learn more on our Corporate / Wholesale / Bulk page.

Do you offer corporate/bulk discounts? 

Yes, if your order would exceed $750 you may qualify for corporate/bulk discounts. Learn more on our Corporate / Wholesale / Bulk page.

What kind of customizations can you do?

Our CandyGram cubes are often the best choice when it comes to customization as we can do a variety of customizations. Some customizations are subject to additional fees and all require appropriate lead time on ordering. 

  • Curated candy: Allow us to source specific candy selections that align with your brand or theme.
  • Candy colour matching: We stock candy in a wide range of colours and are happy to make the candy assortment reflect your brand colours.
  • Custom stickers: Create stickers that feature your colours, logo and/or slogan to make a memorable impression on your recipients.





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