It all started long, long ago on a sweet March day… actually it wasn't really that long ago (March 2013), but it was still a sweet, crisp day. It was born from a sense of adventure, but also a sense of deadlines! We knew that to make this happen for 2013, decision time was upon us. We signed the quote to have her (the truck) built. From then on, all spare time was devoted to preparing ourselves for this new undertaking.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for The Sugar Cube!

Alyssa Tilston

Director of Candy and Communication

About Alyssa

Alyssa, a.k.a The Crazy Candy Lady, has been a life long lover of the sweet deliciousness that is candy. She also has grown up around the candy store business, as many members of her family run these sugary ventures all across Canada. Fulfilling her sweet tooth is what keeps her going all day and keeps that giant smile on her face at all times.

Alyssa holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree in International Business with a focus on marketing from the University of Calgary. She has served in the Marketing world for over two years, loves all things social media and believes heavily in both professional and personal branding; as well as all things sweet. With her experience, she brings a vast knowledge of promotion, event planning, and consumption of candy.

Favourite Candy: Mojos & anything Coke flavoured!