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    Celebrating Canada Day with Some Sweet Treats!

    As Canada Day approaches, one thing is for sure, we have no shortage of sweet treats to delight in. We're crushed that this will be our second year not spent out spinning Cotton Candy for the city. That doesn't mean there isn't lots of opportunities for sweets though! However you'll be spending Canada Day this year, we have some great suggestions to sweeten up your Canada Day!  

    Heading Out: Visit Canadian Bear Balls for Poutine and Doughnut Holes!

    Serving up canoe sized poutines and sugar and cinnamon dusted Bear Balls (doughnut holes) with Canadiana inspired toppings. They even have lobster rolls!

    Follow them on Instagram to see where they'll be on Canada Day!


    Ordering In: Canada Day Treats from Sugar Cube YYC!


    We have lots of red and white themed candies available for Canada Day! Want to level up your pancake game? Grab some Canadian Maple Cotton Candy to enjoy on top of your pancakes instead of (or with) your syrup!

    Order by June 28 to have your order in time for Canada Day celebrations!


    Doing it Yourself: Create your own Maple Taffy at home!

    This classic treat is normally created using fresh snow! Hopefully we don't have snow on Canada Day but this recipe we found on Maple From Canada gives you an option to use crushed ice in place of snow! What a great activity to do at home with the kids!

    Click here to see how to make your own Maple Taffy



    Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Looking for some sweet Father's Day gifts? We've compiled some of our favourite Sugar Cube gift ideas and gifts from businesses we love! Scroll through to see them all! 

    Matching T-Shirts from Silas and SlothSilas and Sloth Father's Day Sweatshirts

    We're a big fan of Silas and Sloth (See below for the matching set Alyssa got for Mother's Day) and these partner tees they've brought out for Father's Day are so cute! You only have so long where you can pick out what your kids wear and this is a perfect gift that is both adorable and comfortable. 

    Liquor Sampler Pack from The Sugar Cube

    A Candy Sampler that he definitely doesn't need to share with the kids! 
    Our Liquor Candy Sampler contains five of our favourite Liquor Gummies, including Gin and Tonic Bears, Blue Curacao and Rum Ice Cubes, Champagne Bears, Cuba Libre Ice Cubes, and Rose Roses!

    Coffee from Calgary Heritage Roasting Co

    Calgary Heritage Roasting Co
    In 2015, Canadian Heritage Roasting Company (also known by “Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.) was founded by two Wildland Firefighters who roasted fresh coffee for their teams in a cast iron pan on the fire line. Their business was built from these deeply rooted experiences and passion for the wild lands we call home.
    While they have amazing coffee, they're doing their part for the environment as well! They have made a commitment to plant one tree on our native soil for every 340g bag of coffee sold. In 2020 CHRC planted 30,000 trees - one small step in the right direction to preserving our wild places and creating a greener future.

    Candy Club Subscription from The Sugar Cube

    The gift that lasts all year round! Choose from one of our different available packages and then sit back and relax while we deliver new and exciting candies to dad's office or doorstep each month. Every month will come with something new!

    Unique Wines and Spirits from Vine Arts

    Vine Arts
    Vine Arts has an amazing selection of beer, wine and spirits, bitters specialty cocktail ingredients from around the world with a focus on unique, artisan products that deliver exceptional value. Locally owned and operated – Vine Arts was a long time dream turned into reality for two Calgary wine lovers! They do their best to support small, family owned wineries, breweries and distilleries where they can. Don't know much about wine? They're experts who will be able to lead you to a great gift dad is sure to love!

    Candy Basket from The Sugar Cube

    Our candy baskets always include a mix of different packaged and bulk candy – classics, unique finds, chocolate – you will definitely be in for a treat getting or giving this sweet surprise!

    Three Celebration Themes for Grad 2021!

    Although your Grad celebrations may be reduced this year, we're committed to bringing all the party energy we can muster! We have three party types below and matching candy pairings to sweeten up the celebration with your household

    Garden Party: Grow some Cotton Candy Trees!

    The weather is getting nicer so it's a perfect time to get on the barbeque and start grilling. Enjoy a potluck celebration outdoors with your close family. Our Cotton Candy Trees will take the dessert table to the next level. Each tree holds about 20 mini bags, ideal for everyone to have 1-2 bags!

    Click here to browse our Cotton Candy selection

    Click here to rent our Cotton Candy Tree. 

    Movie Night: Candy Party Cart


    Pop some popcorn, grab your favourite classic sodas and browse our Candy Party Cart for some extra treats for a fun movie night that makes you feel like you like you're back at the movies. Dress everyone up in their finest and roll out the red carpet for a fun movie premiere theme!

    Our top three school-themed movies for you: 

    • High School Musical (Make it a marathon with all three)
    • Legally Blonde
    • Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    Click here to purchase our Candy Party Cart!

    A True Bash: Smash a Piñata!

    Sugar Cube Pinata Kit


    After the year and a half we've had, we wouldn't blame you if you want to bash something with a stick! Blindfold your Grad, spin them around three times, and giggle as they try and hit the Piñata. They may have just finished their Bachelor's Degree, but they'll still stumble around and swing wildly!

    Stay tuned for a sweet new product and potential new partnership coming your way soon :) 

     Until then, if you need treats to fill your pinata - message us!

    Lessons learned after one year of Covid!

    The pandemic has created a big shift for many small businesses, including us. Most of our business pre pandemic was been based in weddings, conferences, festivals, and other large gatherings so we needed to get creative in 2020 (and beyond!).

    While we've had so many challenges, we're still standing more than one year later, and are pretty darn proud (as we all should be)! Read on to see our most valuable lessons from this wacky year from the perspectives of Owner, Alyssa, and our Candy Manager, Carly.

    PIVOOOOOT (Ross Geller Voice!)

    Alyssa: This past year has tested this little business of ours like no other. We have had to pivot and reinvent more times this calendar year than we have in the (almost) 8 years since starting The Sugar Cube. It has been a true test of small businesses capabilities to roll with the punches and learn as you go!

    • Have fun with new products! This year we tested and released more new products than ever before, because we had to get inventive on how we bring the candy to the people without our truck - and because people are celebrating like never before (hello, drive by birthdays!).
    • When you find a product that works, stick with it! We have repurposed our successful new products for nearly every occasion and holiday. It makes things easy from a production perspective - but still keeps it exciting and fresh for all of our customers.
    • Once you can offer an easy gifting solution that people can rely on - you will gain their loyalty and they are likely to come back for future celebrations and occasions. As a business owner it not only makes the sales cycle much easier but this has actually allowed us to get to know and connect with our clients like never before!


    Alyssa: We have learned lots of lessons (both good and bad) - but above all we have learned that creativity and perseverance can get you through. We have learned to do more with less including:

    • Running the show with less staff. When the pandemic hit we were in the midst of hiring our seasonal staff for our event season. Boy, did our world get shifted! Amongst the uncertainty and new restrictions we had to learn to run with 1/3 the staff we normally would. Thankfully as we hadn't hired our seasonal staff yet, we technically didn't have to do any layoffs - which we are very grateful for.
    • Due to protocols we had to stagger the shifts when people worked, and cut out majority of our in person pick ups. We shifted to offering FREE contactless delivery in order to keep both our staff and our customers safer. This came at an additional cost to us but was important for us to be able to encourage people to spread some joy during this tough time. It was an added cost that we think paid off ten fold in helping to bring some joy when people needed it the most!


    Carly: I think I've rearranged the space about 10 times over the past year to accommodate the ever changing landscape and challenges we have come across.

    • Packaged candy would normally stay boxed up for truck events but it needed to work better for creating baskets and surprise bags in house so we needed to completely alter our warehouse setup to accommodate!
    • Similarly, we aren't doing Candy Buffets right now, so we have repurposed that space into a shipping station, since we are now shipping more product across Canada than ever before! 
    • Needs also shifted later that year from just me in the warehouse to having four of us in there for the Halloween-Valentine's season so we had to set that up differently to meet those needs. I feel that we've nearly reached a setup that will work long term but I'm sure I'll be doing some more shifting soon!


    Alyssa: Digital isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and if nothing else, the pandemic has helped to show us how important it is to be a focus of our business. It was a much needed 'step back and work ON the business not IN the business' moment - and a good kick in the butt!

    In the last year we've done so much work on the backend of our business in order to make pulling orders and creating delivery routes a breeze!

    • We (Alyssa's husband) invested lots of time into building out a custom production schedule for Shopify which allowed us to easily to see what needed to be made on a day by day basis - streamlining how we made and pulled orders, saving us hundreds of hours!
    • It also helped us to predict what orders were coming up over the next coming weeks - this helped us to manage and order inventory at a more efficient rate and work ahead of schedule during the busy times!
    • We invested in a proper delivery routing system. With a couple of us out doing local deliveries at a time, we needed a solution that would more easily export from Shopify into a routing system and to make sure the routes were as efficient as possible.


    Carly:  As mentioned before, we rolled out over a dozen new products last year, initially riffing off of our current products.

    • Advent Calendars evolved into Quarantine Calendars, Birthday Countdowns, Mother's Day Packages, and Weekly Survival Kits.
    • We also looked at gaps in what we were currently selling and came up with our Spread The Joy Packages, easily portioned candy bags to disperse however you see fit. Our Valentine's version with a card add on was so popular that we ran out of stickers right before Valentine's Day (more learning!).

    I think this year has also made us more open to trying things. The idea for our Carrot Candy Bags came from some pastry bags we had in our packaging stash that Alyssa had been wanting to get rid of for a while. We posted a sample on our Instagram Stories and have had to order more to make sure we could keep up with the demand! It's always exciting when you can successfully repurpose things!


    Carly: Last summer, we were sending candy packages to medical clinics all over the city for a client. I went to drop off one of these gifts and the person tending the front desk was stunned upon receiving the gift and immediately started crying.

    I ended up sitting with her for a couple of minutes while she confided in me that they had been open seven days a week since March and the stress and burnout was pushing them to the breaking point. This small token of appreciation meant so much. It was a $5 CandyGram - THAT is the effect that small gestures can make for someone - you never know what they're going through!

    We're not out there on the front lines or in the labs, but we're can support in other ways by...

    • Helping kids have fun birthdays even if they couldn't celebrate with their friends...
    • Giving someone peace of mind that they can enjoy some delicious candy that's allergen free...
    • Connecting people who can't be together right now to celebrate or grieve...
    • Thanking the people who are working around the clock to help keep us all as safe as possible with a little treat to help get them through their shift...

    ...and we think that's pretty freaking awesome!


    Alyssa: We've all been struggling this year on some capacity, but we at The Sugar Cube are SO thankful for all of you who have kept us in business and busy! Every single order, share, shoutout, and review SERIOUSLY means the world to us! We would not be surviving this pandemic without each and every one of you. So THANK YOU! 

    When you shop small and local you are truly making an impact - and keeping roofs over peoples heads and food in their fridge.

    Gift Ideas to Show Appreciation to Your Team!

    Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 18-24
    Administrative Professionals' Day is April 28
    Nurse's Appreciation Week is May 10-16 
    It's always a good day to show some love to your team or clients! Read below for our favourite gifting options that are perfect for sharing with a big team or to show your office manager how much your appreciate them.

    Spread The Joy Package with Note Tag Add On

    We've come up with a bunch of themed candy mixes that you can add matching cards to. They come with cheesy sayings with a space on the back of the card for you to write a short message or you can hand them out as is!

    Baby CandyGrams

    A classic option with delicious candies that are great for any occasion! Want to have your logo added or a special message? Send us an email to candy@sugarcubeyyc.com

    Gigantic CandyGram

    Gigantic CandyGram
    Select this option for a kilogram of candy that will be sure to make someone feel pretty sweet! Want to make this feel a little more special? Upgrade to our Gigantic Gourmet CandyGram!

    Candy Basket

    Not sure what your Administrative Assistant likes? We have lots of fun different goodies packed into our Candy Basket. It's also a great option to share with 2-3 people!
    Looking for more ideas? Want to set up a corporate account? Send us an email to candy@sugarcubeyyc.com