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    Vegan Candy FAQ

     Are you shopping for a Vegan, or looking to transition some of your diet to a more sustainable option? Or maybe you just want to know what the future of candy looks like? In our Vegan candy FAQ, we're rounding up some of the most common questions you might have about Vegan candy and what we can offer those with an animal free diet!

    What makes traditional candy not suitable for vegans?

    Believe it or not, the majority of candies contain gelatin, which is derived from animal products. Primarily from pigs, but also from cattle or fish, gelatin gives candy its bouncy texture and chew. 

    Another common ingredient in candy is beeswax. Beeswax makes gummies shiny and prevents them from sticking together in the bag!

    Other candies, like salt water taffy, also contain egg and milk products. 

    How does this change the texture, appearance, and taste of vegan candy?

    You don't get the same chew with vegan candy that you do with traditional candies. While traditional gummies require you to work harder for your sweet, vegan gummies let you bite straight through.

    In terms of looks, they'll look duller than average candies without that extra shine from beeswax and gelatin. However, we find that they look more more aesthetically pleasing for someone wanting a more grown up and muted palette.

    Taste is absolutely delicious. Plus, since most of our vegan candy is sourced from higher end companies, the taste can be even better!

    What the difference between something being vegan and something being Halal? Are they interchangeable?

    Short answer: No.

    Our Halal certified candy selection is mainly made with beef gelatin, making it entirely unsuitable for Vegans. 

    Our Vegan candy is generally suitable for Halal diets. Please let us know when selecting a Vegan CandyGram if the person is also on a Halal diet, so that we do not include sweets that use alcohol in their production.

    Why is there an additional charge for Vegan products?

    The Vegan candy we source in is significantly more expensive than other brands we source candy from. Like other allergens and dietary restrictions, our team takes extra time and care to research, produce, and label products safe for our customers. The additional charge ensures that our time and care is covered. 

    What products can I get that will be suitable for Vegans?

    All of our Cotton Candy is suitable for Vegans. Gourmet sprinkle options may not be vegan so please let us know in the "notes to staff" section if you are purchasing Cotton Candy for a vegan audience.

    Most of our bulk candy products (CandyGrams, Candy Bags etc.) come with a Vegan option. To know if something can be made Vegan, please check the allergen variants to see if it is listed. If Vegan is not listed as an allergen option, we cannot make the product Vegan. 


    Magical Treats to Keep you Cool this Summer!

    Have a house of Harry Potter fans? Want to celebrate a themed party this summer or Harry Potter Day (May 2nd!) Here's some magical treats to keep you cool this summer!

    Want to get some get some Butterbeer or other Harry Potter Treats! Check out all of our Geek Sweets here!

    Make a Butterbeer float!

    Butterbeer – Bickford Flavors

    Chill a glass or mug in the freezer overnight to make sure your float doesn't melt away. Add a few scoops of vanilla ice-cream to the glass and fill with your butterbeer. For an extra sweet surprise, drizzle with a caramel sauce! 

    Add Butterscotch Schnapps or Vodka to make this an extra fun treat for the adults!

     Butterbeer Popsicles

    Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Pops (a.k.a. Pop Pops) Recipe | Allrecipes


    Did you know that you can make popsicles from soda?! Our minds were blown too! We love this recipe from Mix and Match Mama for Soda-sicles, which is easy to adapt to your tastes.

    Why not grab a candy bag and add some gummies into your popsicle creations? Make a special request for some small gummies in your favourite colour and we can add an assortment in for you!

    Click here to add a Candy Bag to your order!

    Host a sorting ceremony with our Cotton Candy Bombs

    Harry Potter Sorting Cotton Candy Bombs

    A fun activity to kick off a summer party. Grab your favourite clear cold drink and drop your Cotton Candy Sorting Bomb in the glass! The drink will be transformed into your house colour. Each bomb is a surprise until you drop it into the glass and will add its own special flavour!

    Gryffindor- Strawberry

    Slytherin- Apple

    Ravenclaw- Blue Raspberry

    Hufflepuff - Pina Colada

     Click here to get your own Cotton Candy Bombs!

    What's your favourite treat we listed here? Have any other ideas? We'd love to hear them! Leave your sweets to beat the heat in the comments below!

    Three SWEET Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Team!

    We're all heading back into the office and you might be wondering how you can show some appreciation for your company. Whether you're working with a big or small team, we can help you make a SWEET impression on your first few month's back!

    Send a big team a sweet surprise!

    Cotton Candy Mini Bags

    Want to make a big gesture but have a budget stretched across a big team? You don't need to spend big to make a SWEET gesture. We have lots of small tokens that your team will be surprised and delighted by... starting at $2.50 per person!

    Small sweets that go a long way...

    - Spread the Joy Candy Bags

    - Cotton Candy Mini Bags

    - Baby CandyGrams


    Recognize an Individual that goes the extra mile!

    Sugar Cube Stacked CandyGram Gift

    Looking to recognize a stand out team member? We have lots of fun treat packages for every sweet tooth, perfect for Admin Appreciation Day (end of April every year). Better yet, we can make most of our products suited to the top allergens and diet restrictions!

    Sweets that Stand Out!

    - Stacked CandyGrams

    - Team Appreciation CandyGram

    - Candy Basket


    Celebrate with the whole office!

    Blind Candy Tasting

    Looking for a way to reconnect with everyone now that you're back in the office? A Blind Candy Tasting is the ultimate mixer activity that everyone will enjoy. We'll give you 10 mystery candies to try and determine the names and tastes! Everyone gets a bonus candy bag to take home and the person who guesses the most correct gets a bonus CandyGram to enjoy. 

    Interested in doing a Blind Candy Tasting? Learn more by clicking the link here!

    Welcome your team back to the office: Spring Candy Buffet Inspiration!

    Are you as excited as we are for this beautiful spring weather we're getting? As everyone returns to the office, we're ready to help you welcome back your team. Whether you're celebrating a team milestone, corporate retreat, or just need to brighten up a Tuesday, our Candy Buffets are great for parties of 100+ and customized from the theme down to the candy tags!

    Today we're going through a few of our previous Candy Buffets and how each could work perfectly for a Spring Candy Buffet!


    Something for Everyone: Rainbow Candy Table

    We're a BIG fan of rainbow Candy Buffets for our clients. Why? Besides being bright and colourful, you're also getting the full flavour palette: strawberry to grape and everything in between! A simple backdrop lets the candy speak for itself but we could dress up the background with a balloon arch or another fun backdrop!

    Stop it, I'm blushing! Pink and Pastels Buffet

    Pink Wedding Candy Dessert Table

    Pretty Pinks and Pastels will brighten up any room and are perfect for any elevated or feminine brand. This style lends us to dress up the table with florals, glassware, and ceramic risers. 

    We originally did this buffet for a wedding! The Mother of the Bride loved this theme so much that we did the exact same theme for her other daughter's baby shower a few years later- with a bit more flair!

     There's also no need to keep your dessert table to just candy! We added macarons and cupcakes to round out this table. If you need some dessert recommendations, we know the best in Calgary! 


    Tropical Staycation: Themed Candy Buffets


    Tropical Candy Dessert Table

    This Tropical theme may not transport your team to the tropics, but it'll make them feel like they're there! We did this buffet theme during a blizzard but you would have never known. Tropical themes lend themselves well to lots of citrus and tangy flavours, but we blend in the classics as well!

    Not pictured here, we can also add palm trees, retro pink and yellow suitcases, and other greenery into the decor.


    Want to learn more about our Candy Buffets? Interested in booking one for your next corporate event or wedding? Send us an email to candy@sugarcubeyyc.com