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5 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Spring!

5 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Spring!

Spring is in the air, and enormous puddles are forming on the ground! What better way to welcome the official start to the new season than with candy and some fun activities? 🌸


Here are 5 Enjoyable and Sweet ways to kick off the first day of Spring!


1. Pre-plan your garden! Select a Gigantic CandyGram from our shop and for the colour, choose "Surprise Me!". Upon checkout, you can add to the special instructions that this is for the garden challenge and we'll make sure to choose a good variety for you.

Once your Gigantic CandyGram is delivered, take it with you to your local garden centre and start the hunt! Choose plants, flowers, seed packets, or even decor! The ONLY rule is you must choose items based on the colour palette in your CandyGram, luckily it will be packed full! It could be tricky, but it might also encourage you to step outside of the box! See what we did there?!

2. Jump in your vehicle and take a scenic drive! The weather is improving, and hints of Spring are there, if you look! Listen to your favourite Spotify playlist or podcast, and don't forget your Easter CandyGram! It's a perfect size and comes in 3 delicious themes that are the easiest way to sweeten up your escape!


3. Spread some serious joy! Did your neighbour help you shovel your driveway over the winter? Is your babysitter saving your sanity on the daily? Did your friend send you the best meme? Did your coworker wash your mug? It's time to let candy say thank you on your behalf. Grab a Spread The Hop Candy Package!

Your chosen quantity of our Easter-themed candy bags with the perfect mix of sweet and sour candies! It's ok if you keep a bag or two for yourself. In fact, we encourage it. You do a lot too!


4. Did you say self-care day? Because we did! Spring is a wonderful opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate oneself after the long winter months. Make the time to prioritize your physical and mental health. Try our seasonal Cotton Candy Tubs, specifically the flavour Honey Lavender, creating the perfect addition to a self-care day.

The calming scent of lavender and the sweet taste of honey combine to create a sensory experience that is both soothing and elevating. It pairs well with a variety of self-care activities, such as a warm bath, yoga, walking around Walmart pretending it's Target, or simply hiding in the pantry from your kids for 5 minutes of quiet time.


5. Grow candy with your kids! Hear us out, this one is fun! You're going to need a few things to set the scene:

  • Our Carrot Candy Bags
  • Plant pot
  • A little bag of soil
  • Gardening tools (optional)
  • A few REAL carrots
  • Some sugar and spice of your choosing

With your kid's help, you're going to plant the real carrots in your pot. How messy you get is strictly up to you, but we know they'll have fun either way. Once your carrots have been planted, say the magical words below.

From carrots sweet, a magic treat,
Grow candy carrots, oh so neat!
Plant them deep, with love and care,
Watch them bloom, beyond compare!
Sprinkle sugar, add some spice,
Candy carrots are oh-so-nice!

Set the pot aside and wait until the perfect time to swap out the regular carrots for the Carrot Candy Bags. Then, let your kids experience absolute astonishment at how they grew their own candy.

Did you write that all down?

There you have it, 5 fun ways to celebrate the first day of Spring. Whether you're pre-planning a garden or embracing some self-care, indulge in our delicious candy treats along the way to make the day extra sweet! If you're looking for more, check out our whole Spring Collection Here!

If you complete any of these tasks this Spring please share them with us! We love to see our candy out in the wild, especially when you're having so much fun with it! Tag us on social @sugarcubeyyc so we can join in the enjoyment!

Hoppy Spring!!! 🐰

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