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Curiosity Crate

  • $40.00

Welcome to the irresistible world of the Curiosity Crate, where each box is a delightful celebration of candies with a bit of history!

Each package, valued at over $100 but yours for only $40, is filled with treats that have gracefully journeyed through time.

In every Curiosity Crate, you'll discover an array of goodies that, while not the newest releases, are far from past their prime. While they may be a tad too 'old school' for the mainstream, their vintage appeal makes them special. And let's be honest: We're offering a unique opportunity with our latest bundle.
There are two options available to choose from:

1. Our Classic Box
2. Our Vegan Box

This Curiosity Crate features a variety of candies from our previous seasonal selections. While these treats may not meet our usual standard of freshness — meaning they're slightly past their prime — they're still absolutely delicious. In fact, some candy enthusiasts prefer their sweets a bit on the 'stale' side, and even a few work here! Expect to find older yet charming seasonal favourites in this bundle. And the best part? We've slapped a fantastic discount on them to give you incredible value for your money. Are you ready for a surprise every time?