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Blind Candy Tasting Package

  • $80.00

At The Sugar Cube, we're always tasting and trying candy from all over the globe. Now we want to bring some of that fun to you with our Blind Candy Tasting Package. 

This is a perfect activity for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, girls' night in, or to do with your coworkers! You'll have fun tasting and rating our sweets while coming up with your own fun names for them! 

Each Blind Candy Tasting Package Includes...

  • 10 Tasting CandyGrams - one type of candy per (10 to 20 candies in each) - numbered 1-10 - these are the testing candy. Guests will open one box at a time and pass it around to try the candy.
  • Sample Candy Bags - with one or two of each of the 10 candy types in each bag for your guests to take home!
  • Candy Score Cards - so everyone can write notes, make guesses, and rate the candies.
  • Blind Candy Tasting Answer Sheet- sealed in an envelope until after the tasting so no cheating. This will reveal the flavours, names, and any fun facts we might have about each candy!
  • 1x Regular Rainbow CandyGram to be given as a prize to the guest who made the most correct guesses