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Those "Rare" Candy Treats!


Sure, you can find candy at the local convenience store. However, here at The Sugar Cube, we are fans of the “hard to find” stuff. The rare, special, and delicious treats that take a special kind of store. 

To get you excited for the summer season, we are sharing ten of our favorite treats that you will find on our truck this year!


  1. Tahiti Treat

 So delicious, we consider this soda – candy! Like a fruit punch, only better! Make sure to pick up one of these rare sodas to quench your thirst this summer.


  1. Curly Whirlys (formerly Zim Zams)

 These chocolate, caramel, chewy treats are the BEST! They are hard to find, but don’t stress, The Sugar Cube has them!


  1. Bean Boozled/Bertie Botts Beans

 Jelly beans in every crazy, gross, sweet, sour and several unexpected flavours! You better pick these up at the beginning of the summer! They won’t last, they are just TOO much fun!


  1. Astro Pops

 YUM! These cone-shaped lollipops felt like they fell off the face of the planet! Don’t worry if you cant find them anywhere else, we have a steady supply!


  1. Bottle Caps

 Fizzy, refreshing and delicious, these little bottle caps hit the spot! Bring yourself back to your childhood with these hard-to-find candies!


  1. Tart n’ Tinys

 These tasty treats are small and packed with fruit flavours! We love crunching down on these little treats!


  1. Rootbeer Float - Mike and Ikes

 Who doesn’t love Mike and Ikes? They are part of our candy culture! What is even better than Mike and Ikes? When they come in Root Beer flavour.


  1. Cotton Candy- Mike and Ikes

 Not only do we have a Cotton Candy station, we also have cotton candy flavoured Mike and Ikes! These candies are so sweet, chewy and PACKED with sweetness.


  1. Red Hots

 If you are addicted to cinnamon flavour, these candies are for you! Taste the delicious burn of sweet cinnamon while crunching on these rare treats. 


If you can't find your favourite candy - let us know! We just might have it, or may consider getting it for next year! We love to hear your candy suggestions

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