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Are you trying to Figure Out Your Corporate Gifting?

Are you trying to Figure Out Your Corporate Gifting?

Here's Why The Sugar Cube is Your Go-To!

Finding the perfect corporate gift can be challenging, but look no further! The Sugar Cube has you covered with our delicious, customized, and convenient candy options. We understand the stress of corporate gifting, and that's why we've made it easy for you. Here are five reasons why you can trust us for all your corporate gifting needs:


1. Delicious and Unique

At The Sugar Cube, we pride ourselves on offering fresh, delicious, and fun candies. We source our candies worldwide, ensuring a delightful and unique experience for your recipients. Whether it's the exotic gummies or the classic chocolates, our variety will impress and satisfy any sweet tooth.


2. Tailored Customization

Personalization is essential for making a gift special. The Sugar Cube offers customization options for your CandyGrams and Candy Bags to meet any preference or dietary requirement. You are in control, from the ribbon to the sticker to the colour palette or flavour profile, and we will bring your vision to life!


3. Allergy Aware

We understand the importance of catering to various dietary needs, especially in a corporate setting. That's why our products are made with care, ensuring they are safe for everyone. Our extensive allergy-aware options mean you can gift confidently, knowing your treats are safe and delicious. We've got everything from gluten and dairy-free to peanut-free and nut-free options. We also cater to Halal and vegan diets and even offer several flavours of SUGAR-FREE Cotton Candy, ensuring everyone can enjoy our treats without worry. 


4. Hassle-Free Shipping

Logistics can be a nightmare, but not with The Sugar Cube! We offer seamless shipping options to meet your needs. You can rest assured that we handle everything, whether you need your gifts delivered to your head office, split between multiple branches, or sent directly to remote team members. Plus, we ship Canada-wide, ensuring your gifts reach their destinations on time, giving you confidence in the delivery process.


5. Exclusive Corporate Discounts

Imagine saving money while giving great gifts! That's exactly what you can do with The Sugar Cube's exclusive corporate discounts. If your order exceeds $1000 + GST, you may qualify for these discounts. To take advantage of this, ensure your orders are placed at least two weeks in advance during the regular season and four weeks in advance during the holiday season(s). Email with the details of what you're looking for, and we will let you know your options.

Make Your Corporate Gifting Sweet and Simple

Choosing The Sugar Cube for your corporate gifting means choosing freshness, quality, and fun. Let us help you make your corporate gifts memorable and appreciated. Don't wait, contact us today to find out why we're the right choice for businesses gifting across Canada!

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