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Halloween Treat Recomendations!

We’re officially in spooky season and if you know us, we love to put the TREAT in Trick or Treating! If you’re looking for some special Halloween treats for your household, classroom, or office, we have lots of delicious treats for you! Check out the entire collection available here or browse below to see our recommendations!

Treats for the parents that don’t want to go Trick or Treating: Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Sugar Cube Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween night is always a tricky time to plan for! It could either be a lovely, crisp fall evening or your kids could be wearing full on snowsuits on top of Halloween costumes in (heaven forbid) -20!

For those parents that would rather keep their kids at home rather than traipse about in the cold outdoors, we've come up with an awesome at-home scavenger hunt for you! Complete with fun Halloween riddles and delicious treats, all you have to do is hide each one in their designated place and relax while your kids enjoy a fun-filled evening of Halloween Hunting. 

Such a great treat for kids who wouldn’t be able to handle a whole night out or for grownups who want to have a fun night in!

Click here to check out our Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Treats for the Class or Neighbour Kids to Enjoy: Halloween Themed Cotton Candy!

Halloween Themed Cotton Candy Tubs

Cotton Candy is our top recommendation for school or kids treats because it’s inexpensive (starting at only $2.50 per minibag) and suitable for most allergens and diets (only ingredients are sugar, air, and flavouring)! This way you won’t have to worry about anyone getting left out due to allergies. Choose from our standard flavours or browse our Halloween Collection for some seasonal sweets!

Click here to browse our Cotton Candy Selection!

Treats that the Office will Love: Spread the Scare Candy Bag Package!

Sugar Cube Candy Bags

Our Spread the Scare Candy Bags are great to have on hand to place on your staff’s desk or bundle with a nice note! Each of our Spread the Scare Candy Bags comes with 100g of candy filled with ghoulishly gummies and spooky sours! 

Ask us about our custom note cards add ons for any of our Candy options!

Click here to order our Spread the Scare Candy Bag Package!

Interested in sweetening up a Halloween party? Why not get a Halloween Themed Candy Platter or ask us about a Halloween Themed Candy Buffet!

Click here to check out our spooky selection of Halloween Goodies! To make a corporate order, please email us at

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