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Tips to keep your kids safe this Halloween!


‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year - for The Sugar Cube that is! Halloween is a holiday where you get as much candy as you can possibly get in one night. Obviously, there isn’t any other holiday that can top this extreme sugar-rush filled evening.

On Halloween, there are a lot of little ones running around the streets of YYC filling up their buckets. We want this to be the SWEETEST evening ever, as well as the safest. With all the business that comes with this holiday, there are a few precautions to keep everyone safe while indulging in everything Halloween has to offer!


Keep Costume’s Safe: Stick with fitted clothing that isn’t too long or get’s in the way of walking. You don’t want any trips or bad falls to happen! Also, stay clear of masks that can blur your child’s vision when on the road.


Stick to the familiar: Try to stay within your neighborhood or a community that is familiar to your children. That way if you get separated, they won’t be unaware of their surroundings.


Travel in packs: Your kid’s may be old enough to go out on their own, but get them to bring a buddy. Not only does this make the experience of Halloween better, but it also keeps tabs on everyone who is out and about that evening.


Walk, don’t run: Make sure you tell your kids to WALK and not run around your neighborhood. Although drivers should be extra cautious this evening, they may not see your child expectantly dart across the road. Tell your kids to make eye contact with drivers to make sure they are aware children are crossing.


Look both ways: Remember to look BOTH ways when crossing any street! Practice this a few times with your little ones before heading out on your journey.


If you haven’t already voted for our “Spooky & Sweet” Halloween Giveaway – you still have a few days! Vote by donation by clicking here and remember to include which community you want us at! The winning community will get The Sugar Cube for the evening, as well as ALL the candy on the truck! We will also have a prize for the SWEETEST costume and Monster Hot Chocolates for the parents! All proceeds will go to the Alberta Children’s Foundation!


Make sure that when you see The Sugar Cube parked in the winning neighborhood, to cross safely. We know the excitement will be overwhelming, but PLEASE be careful.  


The winner will be announced on October 29th! Don’t forget to follow us on social (@SugarCubeYYC) to get updates on the race to WIN!





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