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How to Reuse Your Packaging!

We try and reuse items as much as possible in the warehouse! One of the biggest questions we get from you is how you can keep your packaging out of the landfill. Unfortunately, we can't take back most of our old packaging to reuse due to food safety but we have lots of ideas for how you can use it! Read on to see our favourite uses for Sugar Cube Packaging AND the stuff we can take back to use again!

CandyGram Cubes


We love using Baby CandyGrams to hold office and crafting supplies! They're perfect for holding little bits and bobs that you don't want to waste a large container on! You can also use the wrap bags as mini garbage bags for your vehicle! 

Ribbon has a million and one creative uses! We've seen it used for doll's clothing, homemade jewelry, and even as a cat toy! 

If you come up with a creative use for your CandyGram Cubes, make sure to share and tag @SugarCubeYYC!


Cotton Candy Tubs


Once cleaned out, these work perfect for holding art supplies! We'll also use them for mixing test sugars! Why not use them to contain chocolate chips, coconut flakes, or as a container for leftovers!

TIP: If you want your Cotton Candy Tub lid to last, do not let your child open it! They have a tendency to rip the thing open trying to get at the Cotton Candy!

Candy Basket Boxes and Stuffing Material


This is the one product that we can reuse most of the packaging for! If you order from us often, let us know in the Notes to Staff Section that you'd like us to take back some old basket materials. We will take these from your doorstep when we drop off your order!

If you'd like to keep it for yourself, the boxes are great to be reused for gifting this holiday season! If you treat it well, the boxes can be used again and again!

Have you come up with any creative uses for Sugar Cube packaging? Let us know in the comments! 

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