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Magical Treats to Keep you Cool this Summer!

Have a house of Harry Potter fans? Want to celebrate a themed party this summer or Harry Potter Day (May 2nd!) Here's some magical treats to keep you cool this summer!

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Make a Butterbeer float!

Butterbeer – Bickford Flavors

Chill a glass or mug in the freezer overnight to make sure your float doesn't melt away. Add a few scoops of vanilla ice-cream to the glass and fill with your butterbeer. For an extra sweet surprise, drizzle with a caramel sauce! 

Add Butterscotch Schnapps or Vodka to make this an extra fun treat for the adults!

 Butterbeer Popsicles

Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Pops (a.k.a. Pop Pops) Recipe | Allrecipes


Did you know that you can make popsicles from soda?! Our minds were blown too! We love this recipe from Mix and Match Mama for Soda-sicles, which is easy to adapt to your tastes.

Why not grab a candy bag and add some gummies into your popsicle creations? Make a special request for some small gummies in your favourite colour and we can add an assortment in for you!

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Host a sorting ceremony with our Cotton Candy Bombs

Harry Potter Sorting Cotton Candy Bombs

A fun activity to kick off a summer party. Grab your favourite clear cold drink and drop your Cotton Candy Sorting Bomb in the glass! The drink will be transformed into your house colour. Each bomb is a surprise until you drop it into the glass and will add its own special flavour!

Gryffindor- Strawberry

Slytherin- Apple

Ravenclaw- Blue Raspberry

Hufflepuff - Pina Colada

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What's your favourite treat we listed here? Have any other ideas? We'd love to hear them! Leave your sweets to beat the heat in the comments below!

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