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Savour the Season: Experience Summer Bliss with our Mega CandyGram

Savour the Season: Experience Summer Bliss with our Mega CandyGram

Our 10th Birthday may be ancient history, but our MEGA CandyGram is here to stay! The new addition to our CandyGram lineup is turning some serious heads.

This mega box is measures 5" x 5" x 5" and is packing 5 pounds of fresh and delicious candy! The ideal CandyGram to share, bring to an event or treat yo' self to earn your title as "The Most Serious Sweet Tooth" around!

Here are 5 ways to infuse candy into your events.

🏖️ Beach Party-Themed Gift 

Add a beach ball, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a towel to a MEGA CandyGram for a sweet surprise gift before your vacation!⁠ Better yet, just pack it in your suitcase and bring it with you!⁠

💦 Poolside Snack Pack


Combine the MEGA CandyGram with inflatable pool floats, water guns, and colourful beachwear to create the ultimate poolside snack pack!⁠

🚗 Road Trip Surprise

Stun your travel buddies with the MEGA CandyGram filled with delicious candy to keep the energy high during your summer road trip adventure!⁠

🍿 Outdoor Movie Night 

Set up an outdoor movie night under the stars with blankets, popcorn, and the MEGA CandyGram for a sweet cinematic experience!⁠

🧺 Picnic Treat

Pack the MEGA CandyGram alongside a vintage blanket, refreshing drinks, and a good book for a delightful picnic in the park! Grab our Pop Can Sampler Pack while you're at it too!⁠


What's on your event list this upcoming summer? Let us know in the comments!

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