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Sweet ways to spend Valentine's Day with kids!

With the ever changing world we're living in, you might be thinking about staying home this Valentine's Day rather than hiring a babysitter and going out for a kid-free evening. The question then becomes how can you keep the kids entertained while you try to enjoy a romantic evening?

Look no further! Here's our top three suggestions for fun Valentine's Day activities that you can do with your kids or set up for them to do on their own!

Have your own ideas for a fun Valentine's Day with the kids? Drop them in the comments below for us to see!

X's and O's Game Candy Sampler

Who says you shouldn't play with your food?! Our X's and O's Game Candy Sampler brings you the best of both worlds. With nine delicious Valentine's Day candies and packaging that doubles as an X's and O's game, it's guaranteed to add some fun to your Valentine's Day activities!

Open boxes from the bottom to best preserve the boxes for long-lasting fun!

The X's and O's Sampler does not include any spicy candies, making it a great item to enjoy with the entire family!

Click here to see our X's and O's Game Candy Sampler

Have an adventure with our Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt!

Need an activity that's going to help them burn off some energy? We've come up with an awesome at-home scavenger hunt for you! Complete with fun Valentine's riddles and delicious treats, all you have to do is hide each one in their designated place and enjoy some alone time while your kids have a fun evening of searching!

Click here to check out our Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt!

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Have a night in at the movies with Candy Bags and some fun soda!

What better way to spend a night in than snacking and enjoying a movie? We have a great selection of movie snacks that'll be sure to elevate the at home movie experience! Grab a selection of smaller movie snacks or go for a Candy Basket which includes a range of all our favourite candies and packaged sweets!

Our Snacking Suggestions

Lucky Elephant Pink Popcorn

Crush Sampler Pack

Valentine's Day Candy Bag

Valentine's Day Candy Basket

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