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    Blog — Discontinued

    The Candies we miss the MOST!


    Candy is part of our childhood. Going to the candy shop, or local convenience store, and stocking up on a bag of your favourite treats was a weekly ritual for most of us. 


    Sometimes, it still is. But, what ever happened to some of those candies that we loved so much? Here at the Sugar Cube, we like to have a moment of silence for all those candies that are no longer around.


     Here are our top five discontinued treats that we wish we could still buy:

    Mojo Taffy
    <<Pic from: http://twitpic.com/91k6la>>

    Yum, the sweet taste of chewy taffy! There is something pleasant about chewing on these little sugary treats. Although you cannot find these anymore, we found a substitution! Check out Millions! We find that the texture you get when you chew them is the closest you can get to that Mojos texture. They're also so delicious!


    Bubble Jug
    << Pic from: https://www.ohnuts.com>>

    If you don't recognize these little Bubble Jug's - you will be a minority. They were everywhere! These little containers were filled with chewy bubble gum! They were pretty fun to carry around too! 


    Ouch – Bubble Gum
    <<Pic from: dutchgum.com>>

    The flavour of this gum used to last FOREVER! It used to be a hot commodity to share among your friends! Plus, it looked like band-aids and that was just TOO cool. 


    <<Pic from: www.therobotsvoice.com>>

    Just as tasty as nerds! These little guys were sweet, crunchy candy that would keep you entertained! We wish we could pick up a pack of these - right now! 

    <<Pic from: Pintrest>>

    We are missing these tangy and delicious treats! They were one of the best to make our tongue cry for EVEN more! 

    We wish these childhood candies would come back! In the mean time, we will settle for new and delicious candies that come along! 

    Do you have a favourite candy that got discontinued?
    Let us know by leaving a comment below:
    We may be able to find you a substitute:).