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Candy Party Cart

  • $85.00

The Mini Food Truck Experience!

Do you miss seeing our food truck out and about Calgary? Are you interested in having a mini Candy Buffet setup at your upcoming movie night? Want to bring a little bit of that joy to a birthday party or have a sweet setup in your office?

The Candy Party Cart comes with all the treats you need to sweeten up your next party and a sweet little cart for you to display them in!

What comes with the Candy Party Cart?

Option 1: The Surprise Bin

Contains 15 of our Spread The Joy Candy Bags and a selection of fun, bite-sized packaged candies. You might find Pixie Stix, Gummy Burgers, Warheads or Poop Emoji Gummies. Selection will vary based on availability.

Option 2: The Lollipop Stand

This package contains 15 of our Spread The Joy Candy Bags and 12 fun Lollipops. We have everything from Whirly Pops to Jawbreakers to Unicorn-Shaped Lollipops. Selection will vary based on availability. 


If you have a theme that inspires you to select the contents of your cart, let us know in the notes section at checkout, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. The Cart design is a set product, and we are unable to customize it at this time.