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5 Sweet Date Night Ideas

5 Sweet Date Night Ideas


A list that doesn’t include dinner and a movie.


Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year. Which means, most people have the whole day off to hang out with their loved one(s) and celebrate. So, we thought why not do something more fun than just a dinner and a movie?

There are so many SWEET ideas we wanted to share with you!



  1. Fondue (Cheese & Chocolate anyone?)

Fondue is such a social activity! Which is why it is fun on Valentine’s Day! Instead of chatting over a boring meal – make it a little more exciting with fondue! Turn a date night into an exciting activity, or bring your kids who will love it too!

Get a fondue set at a local store to try it at home. Or visit Laurier Lounge here in YYC!


  1. Tobogganing & Hot Chocolate

It is still the winter season and there are so many fun activities to enjoy! Valentines day is the perfect time to grab your partner, friends or your kids for a fun day of tobogganing. 

Then, when you’re all tired and cold, go back home for some delicious hot chocolate. A perfect addition to this plan – grab some Sugar Cube candy of course!


  1. Games Night 

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be only a partner activity? Maybe have a few couple’s or a few girlfriends over to celebrate! Have some games and Valentines themed cocktails ready (along with a candy overdose of course).

Maybe – play a few games with a love theme involved!


  1. Make dinner/ Lunch/ Brunch in

Make dinner together instead of going out! There is something about putting in the work, and bonding over the process that makes it taste SO much better! 

Maybe even get your little ones, or a friend to help you bake some cookies for dessert!


  1. Paint Night

 If you haven’t been to one of these nights yet – you are missing out! It is a great bonding experience! Drink wine and get creative with paint night!

You can either get supplies to do it at home or check out Paint Nite – where you can find one going on near you!


These are only a few sweet and memorable ideas to make Valentine’s Day 2016 the best one yet! If you have any other ideas to do at home, or in the Calgary area please share them with us!

And, remember - to grab your Sugar Cube candy, for that extra sweetness! Check our our Valentine's Day 2016 collection here!

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