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Sweet Schemes: Blush, Ivory, and Gold.

Sweet Schemes: Blush, Ivory, and Gold.

When it comes to planning a Wedding, there are so many details involved! Where do you start? Why not start out by picking a colour scheme that matches the feel of your wedding! 


// Blush, Ivory, and Gold //


Welcome to our new monthly feature: Sweet Schemes, where we showcase a different trending colour palette for dessert and candy buffets and give you examples of some candy options we stock to fit each theme!

This month, we are focusing on a very popular colour scheme in the wedding industry! Blush, ivory, and gold are showing up in several weddings this 2016 - and we love it! 

It gives such a romantic presence to your special day! Using these soft colours throughout your decor, can create an overall subtle but elegant statement that will leave your guests in awe! 




At The Sugar Cube, we can make the perfect Candy Buffet to go with any colour scheme that you choose! Our displays provide sweet treats for your guests, and a beautiful custom display to match your decor! 

For this particular colour scheme, we would recommend the following candy combinations as our top 5 picks:


 We will be back next month with a new Sweet Scheme! We love coming up with different candy selections! 

Let us know if there is a colour scheme you want to see next! Or, If you need help with your next Candy Buffet - contact us at



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