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Three Events Made for a Blind Candy Tasting!

Three Events Made for a Blind Candy Tasting!

Blind Candy Tasting with Sugar Cube YYC

At The Sugar Cube, we're always tasting and trying candy from all over the globe. Now we want to bring some of that fun to you with our Blind Candy Tasting Package! Designed to do at home on your own, 

Each Tasting Package comes with ten candies for your guests to sample and guess the names and flavour profiles of each sweet. We've provided enough candy, sample sheets, and take home bags for 10 guests. Also included is an answer sheet (sealed in an envelope so the host can participate as well) and a rainbow Regular CandyGram for the person who guesses the most correct!

Overall, this option works out to about $10 per person and you get a fun activity AND take home favours out of it! Need some inspiration for when to do this? We've included three occasions that are perfect for a Blind Candy Tasting!

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Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Party Favours

If you're celebrating a special milestone or birthday with a small group of people, this could make a really fun activity that will get you guessing, quibbling, and laughing at everyone else's guesses. Perfect for adults looking to expand their candy palette but we also have a kids' version that doesn't contain any spicy or liquor infused flavours!

Work Events

 Team Building Activity

Looking for a fun way to mix up your work socials? A Blind Candy Tasting Party is a great alternative to patio beers or museum tour. This is an activity that could realistically be done within 30-45 minutes, leaving lots of time to chat about that new client project coming up!

Bachelorette Bashes

Bachelorette Party Activity Ideas

Such a fun activity to do with the girls if you're staying in OR need a pregame activity before you hit the town! Put your own twist on the tasting by asking your guests to compare each candy to a celebrity hottie. 


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