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Fun Springtime Kid Friendly Activities for Easter!

Fun Springtime Kid Friendly Activities for Easter!

We're all looking forward to some warm spring weather this Easter! After two years spent finding new activities for your kids to do at home, we've all run low on our creativity. Luckily for you, we've come up with a few sweet activities that'll keep them engaged this Easter!

Beyond hunting for eggs, here's some fun ideas for sparking your kids' imagination and creativity this spring!

Grow some Candy Carrots with The Sugar Cube!

If your kids are a fan of Elf on the Shelf, they will love some extra magic around Easter! This is a fun activity that's very easy to throw together. An exercise in gardening, science, and imagination!

Simply bury some carrot scraps and sugar together in a pot of soil. Water generously and leave overnight. When your kids come downstairs in the morning, they'll be surprised to see that some candy carrots have grown!

Order your Candy Carrots here!

Need some more inspiration? Check out this reel we did explaining how to grow Candy Carrots

Do some crafting with Hip Hooray Studios!

Hip Hooray Studio's Original Create Kit is a box full of hand curated papers and craft supply treasures that will make any young artist sing for joy.

This kit is tremendous for confident and more independent creators (those who prefer to make from their own imaginings) as well as creators who are beginning to learn to think outside the box and create more independently.

Each original create kit comes with a beautiful collection of colourful and patterned papers, illustrated stickers and a colouring in sheet, glitter, yarn and ribbons, as well as all kinds of other wonderful bits and bobs that will inspire and ignite creativity.

Click here to see this and more from Hip Hooray Studios!

Do some sweet colouring with Cray Cray Crayons, The Oak Village, and The Sugar Cube

This limited edition Easter Basket includes an Easter Cotton Candy tub and other sweets from The Sugar Cube with the extra fun of a personalized colouring sheet from The Oak Village and Easter themed crayons from Cray Cray Crayons!

We think it's a great combo that will satisfy their sweet tooth but also keep them engaged in a quiet activity, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the long weekend!

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What are some of your Easter traditions? How do you spend the long weekend with your kids? We'd love to hear about your Easter traditions in the comments below!

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