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Celebrating Canada Day with Some Sweet Treats!

As Canada Day approaches, one thing is for sure, we have no shortage of sweet treats to delight in. We're crushed that this will be our second year not spent out spinning Cotton Candy for the city. That doesn't mean there isn't lots of opportunities for sweets though! However you'll be spending Canada Day this year, we have some great suggestions to sweeten up your Canada Day!  

Heading Out: Visit Canadian Bear Balls for Poutine and Doughnut Holes!

Serving up canoe sized poutines and sugar and cinnamon dusted Bear Balls (doughnut holes) with Canadiana inspired toppings. They even have lobster rolls!

Follow them on Instagram to see where they'll be on Canada Day!


Ordering In: Canada Day Treats from Sugar Cube YYC!


We have lots of red and white themed candies available for Canada Day! Want to level up your pancake game? Grab some Canadian Maple Cotton Candy to enjoy on top of your pancakes instead of (or with) your syrup!

Order by June 28 to have your order in time for Canada Day celebrations!


Doing it Yourself: Create your own Maple Taffy at home!

This classic treat is normally created using fresh snow! Hopefully we don't have snow on Canada Day but this recipe we found on Maple From Canada gives you an option to use crushed ice in place of snow! What a great activity to do at home with the kids!

Click here to see how to make your own Maple Taffy



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