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Sweeten up the start of this school year!

Learn about nature with our Plants and Animals Scavenger Hunt!

Our scavenger hunts were created to help kids learn as well as play! The Plants and Animals Scavenger Hunt comes with ten facts about nature that can serve as learning opportunities for you and your kids. How can some flowers smell like chocolate? Why do flamingos eat upside down? These are just some of the questions that they'll be asking while enjoying some sweet treats!

Click here to check out our Plants and Animals Scavenger Hunt!

Head out of the house to some non traditional learning experiences!

There's lots of amazing things to do around Calgary! One of our favourite places is Telus Spark. It's not just because they have an awesome ice cream cafe with planet themed ice creams... okay, it kind of is! But their interactive exhibits are sure to *spark* curiousity in your little ones! Check out a few other places we love below!

Telus Spark

Calgary Zoo

Glenbow Museum

Beyond Van Gogh

Celebrate the first day of school with Maple Cotton Candy on your pancakes!

We all love celebrating a special day with a good breakfast! If you haven't tried our twist on the classic Canadian condiment, you must! Grab a tub of Maple Cotton Candy and include a small puff on each of your pancakes. 

Worried about how much sugar this is? A tub of Cotton Candy only has about a tsp of sugar... not as bad as dolloping whipped cream on top! 

Click here to get some Maple Cotton Candy!

Survive the first week back together with our Weekly Survival Kit!

Have someone starting kindergarten? Feeling a little anxious sending them off for the first time? Enjoy a new candy every weekday with our Weekly Survival Kit! Each day comes with a small portion of candy that will provide a sweet treat and something for you to chat about when they get home!

Click here to check out our Weekly Survival Kit

Send them off to university with a Gourmet CandyGram!

Looking for something special to pack with your teen when they go off to university? Want to give them something to celebrate their journey into adulthood? Ready to celebrate an empty house?!

Our Cocktail Cubes are the perfectly elevated candy option for all grownups! Enjoy liquor infused options like champagne bears, cube libres, rose roses, and more! Feeling adventurous? Try spicy hearts, lemonade stars, and cosmo flamingos!

Click here to check out our Cocktail CandyGrams!


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