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Incorporating Cotton Candy into your Event!

Incorporating Cotton Candy into your Event!

The Sugar Cube started as a mobile candy store in the summer of 2013 bringing the freshest, most delicious candy to events all over Calgary and surrounding area. Birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, food truck frenzies – we do them and much more. More than just a food truck, we have grown our offering to include candy buffets, a subscription service, apparel and gourmet cotton candy.

That’s right, gourmet cotton candy. 

When was the last time you had cotton candy? At a movie theatre? A carnival? What were your flavour choices, red or blue? Those aren’t flavours!

Sour watermelon
Birthday cake
Pina colada
Cinnamon bun
Canadian maple

THOSE are flavours – and they are just some of the flavours you can get from The Sugar Cube.

There’s something special, even nostalgic, about cotton candy. It’s a delicious but light snack that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Looking to make it extra special?
Cotton candy favours can be customized with gourmet paper sticks, sprinkles and personalized tags on each puff.

How about some adult cotton candy?
Grapefruit vodka
Rum and coke
Gin and tonic
Ya, those are flavours too.  And those are just a few! There are much more where those came from!


Going for a more minimal approach?
Let us provide you with some of our gourmet cotton candy to garnish some drinks at your next event. Nothing sweetens up your cause for celebration like some of our champagne cotton candy to top off your bubbly for the night!

Make a buffet out of it!
Select a mixture of different flavours and we will set up an entire cotton candy buffet for you and all your guests to enjoy!

Interested in having something more interactive?
We can bring our gourmet cotton candy carts to your event and spin fresh cotton candy right before your guests eyes. Everyone can handpick which flavour they would like to have and we will make them a puff the size of their head on a paper cone! We will even top it off with some colorful sprinkles!


To shop our cotton candy - click here. For more information, or a custom order - email us at!



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