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Keep Little Ones Busy on Valentine's Day!

With babysitter and date night options still limited, it looks like we're in for a Valentine's Day at home this year! If you're struggling to come up with ways to keep your kids entertained while you try and have a romantic evening with your partner, we have some ideas for you! We've come up with a few candy themed activities and shouted out a couple other activities put on by some of our favourite local businesses. 


Read our suggestions below and leave your own in the comments!


Cookie Decorating Kit in Collaboration with 8Cakes!

Cookie Decorating Kit

We've joined up with 8Cakes YYC again for some more cookie decorating! Guaranteed for at least an hour of fun decorating and eating! Each kit comes with 6 cookies, two bags of premade icing, and a bag full of candy for decorating! Gluten Free and Vegan Options Available. 

Our Valentine's Day Cookie Kits start shipping February 3rd. Click here to order yours!

Can't wait until February? Order our Unicorn Cookie Decorating Kits, exclusive to January 2021! Click here to order!


Little Larch All Natural Play Dough

A fun activity for little kids that's also good for the planet! Little Larch is committed to creating fun playdough and other play products that allow kids to engage in open ended play. Their dough is completely free of synthetic dyes and artificial scents. Instead, they use colours from veggies + minerals and calming essential oils. 

Check out Little Larch and their online store here!

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

If you've tried our Halloween Scavenger Hunt before, you know how much fun these can be for kids and adults alike! Simply hide each treat according to each clue, then hand over the hunt to the kids and let them figure out the clues to find each sweet!

Buy our Valentine's Scavenger Hunt Here!

Pinnovate Crafting Kits

Have some crafty kids? From Bubblegum Machines to Painting to String Art, Pinnovate has something for everyone! They have tons of kits for all ages and interests on their website! 

Click here to check out Pinnovate!

Northern Reflections Augmented Art Tour in Inglewood


This art exhibit centralized in Inglewood brings augmented reality to transform displays. Download the AUGLE app and grab some hot chocolates while you stroll around with your family and check out the magic of the augmented reality murals. 

To learn more about Northern Reflections, check out the link here!

Valentine's Day Activity Kit

Can't decide if you want a Cookie Kit or a Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt? Get both and get an extra special candy themed activity!

Grab your Valentine's Day Activity Kit Here!

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