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The Sweetest Stocking Stuffers for 2022!

Toothbrushes, socks, chocolates, bath bombs, oranges… all classic stocking stuffer items! But what do you get when you want them to be just a little bit… sweeter?

From sweet and simple stocking stuffers, to fun novelty items, to little things that go a long way, we have something for everyone on your nice list this Christmas season! Read below to see our top suggestions!

Keep to the Classics

Whether you’re looking to tuck these items into a stocking, gift basket, or just sneak onto a coworker’s desk, these sweet treats are a perfect “one and done” for capturing the holiday spirit sweetly!

Our top recommendations for sweet and simple treats!

Novelty Items

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, we recommend checking out our Novelty Items! We have themed items for Harry Potter and Star Wars fans, and a bunch of joke gummy versions of your favourite foods. All guaranteed to spark a little joy, laughter, and excitement on Christmas morning!

Click here to check out all of our Novelty Items!

Big things can come in small packages!

There’s nothing sweeter than pulling out the final piece of chocolate from your stocking and putting your hand in to discover something you missed a piece of paper revealing a BIG surprise!

Here’s a few of our favourite digital items that you can print out and include in a stocking!

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