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    Advent Calendar 2021 FAQ



    It may only be September, but we're already busy in Santa's workshop for the holiday season (PS there's less than 100 days till Christmas!). We've been busy making some big changes to how our Advent Calendars work based on tons of great feedback we have received!

    Here, we outline some of the changes we're bringing to Advent Calendars for the 2021 year! Advent Calendars go on sale starting at $85 + GST on October 1st. Available while quantities last. 

    Sign up for our Early Bird Advent Calendar pricing starting at $75 + GST from September 25-30th ONLY by clicking this link! (That's the cheapest they will be all season!).

    Pick Your Packaging

    Traditionally, we've always used our plastic boxes to wrap your Advent Calendars. This year, we're introducing a cardboard version that will fully conceal your candy and reduce the amount of plastic in each Advent Calendar!

    With the cardboard version, we will continue to shrink wrap the boxes in groups to ensure freshness.

    Choose Your Own Adventure

    We love getting to bring you the newest and best of the candy world! For an experience that mixes classic favourites with stuff that you truly haven't tried before, try out our Holiday Adventure version. May contain spicy, sour, and lots of other exciting candies that you likely haven't tried before!

    If you're sharing this calendar with little ones or have a more conservative palette, you might want to opt for our Family Friendly version. We'll give you all the delicious classic candies you love, but without any of the crazy stuff like spicy mangoes!

    Dietary Restrictions

    At this time, we are able to confidently accommodate the following diet restrictions:

    • Gluten Free
    • Gluten and Dairy Free
    • Nut Free
    • Peanut Free
    • Halal

    If you are Vegan, we recommend getting the 12 Days of Christmas Calendar (which will be released November 1st) as we don't have a wide enough selection for vegan candies at this time to do the full advent.

    We are unable to accommodate other allergies, such as soy, at this time. If you have an egg allergy or multiple restrictions on the list above, please let us know in the "notes to staff" section at checkout. This may restrict your candy options and may incur additional fees.

    Shipping and Delivery

    All Advent Calendars will ship in time to arrive on your doorstep for December 1st, as long as the cut off days below are adhered to.

    If you are ordering an Advent Calendar to be shipped outside of Calgary, the order cut off date to ensure you receive your calendar on time is Friday, November 12th. If you order after that date, there is a high likelihood your calendar will arrive later in December.

    Local Calgary deliveries will all be made in the last two weeks of November to ensure freshness. Please note that if you have other items in your order, they will be held until your Advent Calendars are ready to ship! Advent Calendar cut off for Calgary deliveries is Thursday, November 25th (or earlier if we run out of stock!).

    Caring for your Advent Calendar

    We know that the boxes look very cute all lined up but please do not remove boxes from their shrink wrap until you've reached those specific days. We wrap the boxes to keep them as fresh as long as possible! Any candy you don't eat on the day and would like to enjoy later, we recommend putting in a Tupperware container to preserve freshness. 

    See which candies you got in your calendar!

    Each calendar will come with a batch number which will let you see exactly what you got in your calendar and let you request it in future orders!

    More details on this new feature coming soon!


    Sign up for our Early Bird Advent Calendar pricing starting at $75 + GST from September 25-30th ONLY by clicking this link! (That's the cheapest they will be all season!).