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    Celebrate our 10th Birthday with our NEW MEGA CandyGram! ūüíú ūü•≥ ūüć¨

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    Book Clubs to Baby Showers: 10 Occasions That Are The Perfect Setting For a Blind Candy Tasting!

    We're always tasting and sampling candy from around the globe. Now we want to bring some of that fun to you with our Blind Candy Tasting Package.


    10 Occasions That Are The Perfect Setting For a Blind Candy Tasting!

     Slumber Parties: First popcorn, then candy! Transform an ordinary slumber party into a sugar-fueled adventure! Grab your blind candy-tasting kit, stay up late, share laughs, and discover new candy flavours with your closest pals. Great for adults and kids alike.

     Family Game Nights: Take your game nights to the next level by introducing a blind candy-tasting challenge. It'll keep everyone on their toes as they strategize and try to guess the flavours throughout ten rounds.

     Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties or Rehearsal Dinners: Before saying "I do," kick off the pre-wedding festivities with a blind candy-tasting. It's a fun way for the bride or groom and their crew to enjoy some sweet (and boozy) treats while creating unforgettable memories before one of the most memorable days!

     Baby Showers: Delight expectant parents and their guests with an entertaining blind candy-tasting experience during a baby shower. Take it up a notch by incorporating this into other arranged games, adding a sugary twist to an already special day.

    Staff Team Building: Build friendship and teamwork among colleagues by hosting a blind candy tasting as part of an office team-building activity. It's a lighthearted way to engage employees and encourage collaboration.

     Book Club: Enhance book club gatherings with a blind candy-tasting session. It provides a unique opportunity for members to socialize, share their thoughts on books, and indulge in delectable candies.

     Bridal Showers: Create a fun and interactive activity for the bride-to-be and her friends by incorporating a blind candy tasting into the bridal shower. It's a unique way to bring everyone together and add some sweetness to the event.

     Birthday Parties: Add an exciting twist to birthday celebrations by organizing a blind candy tasting. Guests can enjoy the surprise element while indulging in delicious candies. We even have a kids' version with no spicy or liquor-infused flavours!

     Girls' Night In: Elevate a girls' night by incorporating a blind candy-tasting activity. It offers a fun and interactive experience for friends to bond, laugh, and enjoy while sampling various candies. Sweatpants and face-masks are highly encouraged.

     Office Meeting: Spice up a stagnant meeting with a blind candy-tasting challenge that will have your coworkers participating! It's a great way to alleviate stress, foster a fun work environment, and satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. You'll have time after to chat about actual work!


    Each Blind Candy Tasting Package Includes

    • Ten Tasting CandyGrams - numbered 1-10, containing one type of candy per box. (10 to 20 candies in each). These are the testing candy. Guests will open one box at a time and pass it around to try the candy.
    • Sample Candy Bags - with one or two of the ten candy types in each bag for your guests to take home!
    • Candy Score Cards - everyone can write notes, make guesses, and rate the candies.
    • Blind Candy Tasting Answer Sheet - This sheet will come sealed in an envelope until after the tasting, so there is no cheating. Your sheet will reveal each candy's flavours, names, and fun facts!
    • One Regular Rainbow CandyGram¬†- to be awarded to the guest who made the¬†most¬†correct guesses

    Remember, the key is to have fun, let loose, and enjoy the delicious surprises our blind candy-tasting package brings to these events. So go ahead and savour the sweetness in every moment!

    Could you see yourself incorporating a blind candy tasting into your next event?

    3 Sweet Team Building Activities for this Holiday Season

    Whether your team is all back in the office or still partially or fully remote - we have some great team building options this holiday season.

    We regularly work with clients that have distributed teams and will happily coordinate shipping to different offices all across Canada.

    12 Days of Holidays Advent Calendars

    Let your team taste their way to the holiday break with our 12 Days of Holidays. This mini-Advent style calendar is full of delicious sweets and sours to get your office to the end of Q4 with some pep in their step!

    Track your faves (and least faves, if there is such a thing) with our patented Candy Tracker and compare notes for some good cheer and good laughs among your office mates. You might even see some high-stakes trading going on!

    And yes, you can most definitely just buy some for you and yours as well!

    Gingerbread House Building Competition

    Compete against your coworkers to decorate the most sweet, stylish and structurally secure gingerbread house! Each kit comes with everything you need, including fresh baked gingerbread pieces and icing from our fabulous partners at 8Cakes Bake Shoppe, and of course a dazzling and delicious assortment of sprinkles and candy from The Sugar Cube!

    Another great activity to do remotely over zoom or in person.

    Would rather just do the dang thing with your kids?
    Well then, buy some standalone Gingerbread House Kits here.

    *Note - we also have GF & Vegan Gingerbread Kits available - and they are delicious!!!

    Blind Candy Tasting Live Event

    Anybody can taste wine and cheese, but it takes a special palate to be an expert candy taster. With the help of one of our professional Candy Curators, you'll sample 10 delicious candies and debate with your coworkers about flavours, names, and ratings!

    Do you love this idea but maybe it's not right for your team? Grab your partner or a friend and get tickets to one of our upcoming blind candy tastings here.


    Like what you see? Book your sweet team building event today by contacting us at events@sugarcubeyyc.com or call 403 835 5543.