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Through the Years: Candy Themed Halloween Costumes

Are you already planning your Halloween costume in September or looking for an easy last minute costume? Today we're looking back at all the candy themed costumes we've done over the year, going way back to the beginning all the way up to our last Halloween event in 2019! These costumes were so fun to wear but most of them came together in the 48 hours before Halloween so could be a great option if you want to look like a treat this Halloween!

We won't have the truck out for Halloween until 2022, but we are planning something big for Halloween so keep posted to our socials for more information coming soon!


Classic Sugar Cube

Go vintage with a classic Sugar Cube design! All you need is a box, purple paint, and a printed out version of our logo! Cumbersome to move around in but if you actually make this your costume and share it, you'll find some extra candy coming your way!

Willy Wonka

 There's so many interpretations you can give to this costume! We're partial to Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka but you can go with a Johnny Depp style as well. The perfect costume to wear while giving out candy! 

Cotton Candy Puff


 They say you are what you eat! Cotton Candy makes for a bright, colourful, and a really soft costume!

Sour Patch Kids


The key for this costume is making the head out of some soft foam board! Once you've got the head made, just wear clothes that match your favourite Sour Patch Kids flavour!

Rock Candy


Another sweet group costume! We used clear cubes with tinsel for the rock effect and made these cute stick headbands! Just be careful when walking through doors!


A great costume to do with a buddy! For this costume, find your favourite Nerds flavour. Cut out two pieces of cardboard that are big enough to go from your shoulders to your hips. Paint each piece to match the Nerds flavour packaging. Print and cut out the Nerds logo, flavour name, and the mini Nerds creatures. Stick these onto your front half. To put on, hole punch and thread ribbon through both sides to create straps. For final touches, get some glasses and wear your geekiest duds!


What's your favourite of our past costumes? What should we dress up as this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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