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Graduation Gifts

Level up your graduation gifting game with all of our coolest candy goodies! Perfect for grads of all ages, our GradGram is a top pick. Choose their school colours, or let us put together a fun and delicious mix and top it off with our custom GradGram sticker.


For a gift that keeps giving, the CandyGram Subscription is perfect for enjoying now and into the new school year. Don’t miss out on our epic Stacked CandyGram, or go all out with a Candy Basket to shower your grad with sweetness for a job well done. Are you throwing a party? Our Candy Platters are a hit. Make their graduation day extra sweet!

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  1. Grad Gram
  2. The Sugar Cube - Gift Card
  3. *SUBSCRIPTION* The Candy Club - Monthly Gigantic CandyGram Cube Subscription
  4. Candy Basket
  5. Stacked CandyGram
  6. Candy Platter
  7. Small Sweet Stack