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Team Appreciation Regular CandyGram

  • $15.50

Treat the loved ones in your life with this sweet CandyGram filled with approximately 600 g of fresh and delicious candy.

Each CandyGram is filled with a mixture of both sweet and sour candy, complete with one of our matching Team Appreciation Cards attached and a matching ribbon!

This product measures 3" x 3" x 3".

Candy Cards and Mixes

"How sweet it is to work with you!"

  • Includes a whole rainbow of candy from red to purple! 

"You're an important piece of our team."

  • Features gummy and hard Lego bricks, puzzle pieces, and other delicious rainbow candies!

"We have a whale of a time with you!"

  • Features gummy whales, sharks and other blue and purple candies!

"We're so hoppy to work with you!"

  • Features gummy frogs and other green and yellow candies!

"We ap-peach-iate you!"

  • Features peach slices and other red and peach candies!


We can accommodate several allergies for a small additional fee, but you must select the 'How Sweet it is to work with you!' option, as we will be limited in selection. Unfortunately, if you don't see your allergy listed, we cannot accommodate it.