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    Come join us at Saskatoon Farm's 6th Annual Christmas Market November 25-27! Use code SGRCUBE for a ticket discount!


    Sweet Staff Gifting Ideas for the Holiday season!

    For Your Staff Gifting 

    It’s never been easier to find treats for your team! Here are a few of our favourite Staff Holiday Gifting options!

    If you're interested in custom stickers, notes, or candy themes, please send an email to candy@sugarcubeyyc.com for more information on our customization and corporate pricing for orders over $500.

    CandyGrams - $5+

    The Sugar Cube CandyGram Gifts

    Our smaller sizes are perfect for including in gift boxes or stocking stuffers (they all stand on their own quite well tool) while our Gigantic CandyGrams make a sweet Secret Santa Gift or bigger present.. 

    It’s all up to how many people you’re treating and your budget!

    Click HERE to see all of our CandyGrams!

    Candy Basket $30+

    The Sugar Cube Candy Basket

    No need to worry about gift wrapping! Our Candy Baskets come in a variety of sizes but always include a soda*, candy bag, and selection of packaged candy. Sure to delight any candy lover and can be shared with the family or department!

    Christmas specific candy is based on availability. Please order early so we have time to order it in time! 

    *If an item is being shipped outside of Calgary and Surrounding Item, soda may be replaced by another item of equivalent value to ensure the item is protected in transit.. 

    Click here to check out our Candy Baskets!

    Individual Advent Calendars $60+

    Individual Advent Calendar

    This version of our traditional Advent Calendar is designed for one-two people to enjoy. We love this gift particularly for those with remote teams. Your team will love sharing the candies they received each day and the ensuing discussions regarding which are the best!

    Advent Calendars are available while supplies last and will ship November 15-29. 

    Sweet Gifting Throughout the School Year!

    The school year has kicked off and you might already be overwhelmed by all the activities and holidays coming up throughout the school year. Let us help take one thing off your plate! We’ve rounded up our top suggestions for sweet gifting throughout the school year, including allergen friendly options, teacher gifts, and last minute gift ideas!

    Save this blog and come back to it later for some sweet treats perfect for any occasion this year!

    For the Whole Class: Spread the Joy Candy Bag Packages

    Spread the Joy Candy Bag Package

    Each of our Spread the Joy Bags comes with 100g of candy in three different types. Bags can be made Gluten & Dairy Free or Peanut & Nut free to accommodate dietary restrictions. We also come out with specialized options around the holidays, including for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day! Stay tuned for the seasonally themed candy bags!

    Bonus: We can add special cards to each candy bag, matching the theme or occasion you’re celebrating! See in the details of each product for available cards options or send us an email to candy@sugarcubeyyc.com for your own custom card option. 

    **Minimum Quantities Apply. Minimum lead time of two weeks**

    Click here to see our Spread the Joy Candy Bag Packages!

    Allergen Friendly Sweet: Cotton Candy Mini Bags

    Cotton Candy Mini Bags

    This is a great sweet that the whole class can enjoy! Suitable for all the top allergens and dietary restrictions, including halal and vegan diets. 

    Click here to shop Cotton Candy Mini Bags!

    Click here to browse our Cotton Candy selection!

    Better Than an Apple: Teacher CandyGrams and Gift Cards

    For a real SWEET teacher gift, we can’t recommend our Teacher CandyGram enough! With 1kg of candy and a specially designed sticker, it’s all ready to go for that special teacher in your life!

    Not sure exactly what they’d like? Get them a gift card and let them choose! It makes a perfect excuse to order a special treat for themselves come report card season!

    Click here to get a Teacher CandyGram!

    Click here to purchase a gift card!

    Last Minute Birthday Gifts: CandyGrams of All Sizes


    Did your little one forget to mention that they have a birthday party to go to this weekend and you have no time to go hunting for a last minute gift? We’ve got you covered! Our CandyGrams and Stacked CandyGrams are treats that always make a sweet statement!

    If you place your order by Wednesday evening, we can have it on your doorstep for Friday afternoon! In a real pinch? Send us a message on instagram or on our chat service! We try to keep some CandyGrams on hand at all times for those last minute candy emergencies!

    Click here to browse our CandyGrams!

    End of Year Celebration: Let us Bring the Truck Out!

    The Sugar Cube Candy Food Truck

    Our candy truck is always a big hit to celebrate those special occasions and we LOVE getting to come out to the schools. If you’re already counting down the days until summer vacation, it doesn’t hurt to reach out now and secure us for your school’s end of year celebration!

    Send us an email to candy@sugarcubeyyc.com to inquire about our availability. 

    Keeping the traditional Advent Calendar fresh, The Sugar Cube brings back the sweetest holiday countdown with unique & delicious candy everyday!

    Keeping the traditional Advent Calendar fresh, The Sugar Cube brings back the sweetest holiday countdown with unique & delicious candy everyday! 

    Candy Advent Calendar

    Christmas may seem months away, but The Sugar Cube is already getting ready to launch their signature candy Advent Calendar on September 12th. Not your traditional chocolate calendar, this candy Advent Calendar is full of sweets, sours, and other gummies that will keep you on a sugar rush all the way until Christmas morning! 

    Sugar Cube Advent Calendar

    This year’s Advent Calendar contains sweet treats like Strawberry Lime Rings, Cola Monkeys, and Watermelon Kisses. You’re sure to discover new favourites, reconnect with old classics, and maybe get into a family debate over some polarizing treats. It’s the perfect gift for yourself, friends, family, staff, and clients that’ll last all month long. There is literally no sweeter way to look forward to Christmas this year!

    Sugar Cube Family Advent Calendar

    Choose between INDIVIDUAL and FAMILY sized Calendars. Containing 40g per day, the INDIVIDUAL calendar ($70) is suitable to share with a partner or enjoy all on your own! The FAMILY sized ($120) contains 125g of candy per day and is perfect to share with the whole family! 

    Have allergy concerns? The Sugar Cube is pleased to be releasing a Gluten & Dairy Free Advent Calendar as well as a Peanut & Nut Free Advent Calendar. For Vegan, Halal, and other allergen combinations, stay tuned for their 12 Day Countdown, a smaller advent version, launching November 1st, 2022.

    Sugar Cube Advent Calendar

    The fun doesn’t stop at the candy though! Each day in December comes with new opportunities to win lots of fun prizes. Engage and share your ADVENTures on Instagram and you could even win a FREE Advent Calendar for 2023!

    The Sugar Cube’s Advent Calendars officially go live for pre-order September 12th at www.sugarcubeyyc.com and are available until November 20th or while supplies last. 

    You can get early access (and a discount!) September 9th by signing up to their email list. If you’re interested in ordering multiple for your business, please email candy@sugarcubeyyc.com. Pre Orders will ship Canada wide early November!

    • -   -

    The Sugar Cube is Calgary’s first and only mobile candy store. Starting as a local Food Truck back in 2013, they now help create sweet experiences all across Canada with their Gourmet Cotton Candy Carts, Candy Buffets, Food Truck, and fun custom corporate gifting options!

    Follow The Sugar Cube on all major social networks at @SugarCubeYYC for more sweetness.

    Email candy@sugarcubeyyc.com for more information on corporate and event packages.

    Sweet Client Gifting Ideas for the Holidays!

    It’s always tricky deciding what to gift to someone you might not work with day to day but still have a great professional relationship. In our experience, candy is a gift that never goes to waste! Here’s a few of our recommendations for client holiday gifting!

    To get in on holiday specific ordering before products officially launch on our website mid-October, please email candy@sugarcubeyyc.com

    Family Advent Calendars 

    The Sugar Cube Family Advent Calendar


    Our Family Size Advent Calendars are jam packed full of 25 different candy options, including seasonal and specially ordered candies (you’ll only find some of these candies in our Advent Calendars). Made to be enjoyed between 4-6 people, we love this as a gift option for your client to share with their team or family. 

    This product officially launches September 12. Sign up to our email list for a pre-launch discount or send us an email to candy@sugarcubeyyc.com for more information on corporate pricing.

    Stacked CandyGrams

    The Sugar Cube Stacked CandyGram

    Our Stacked CandyGrams include over 1.6kg of candy and are sure to make an impact! We love them all year round as a treat for someone outstanding. Opt for our traditional Stacked CandyGram with a rainbow gradient of tastes and flavours or a Christmas Themed Stacked CandyGram with red, green, and Christmas themed candy! (Launching Mid-October)

    Click HERE to order a Stacked CandyGram!


    Candy Club - the gift that keeps you top of mind each month

    Sugar Cube Candy Club Subscription

    Have a high value client or whole office that you’d really like to treat? Why not give them a membership to our Candy Club! Our Gigantic CandyGrams comes with a kilogram of candy, tailored to our special theme of the month! They'll discover new favourites, rediscover forgotten treats, and try things they never knew existed! 

    Personally, we love the Candy Club as a reminder to keep up your corporate reach outs and gifting all year round- not just at the holidays. Sign up for the Candy Club yourself and you can send each CandyGram to a different person each month, just let us know the destination and note you’d like attached to each one!

    Click here to learn more about our Candy Club!