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    Through the Years: Candy Themed Halloween Costumes

    Are you already planning your Halloween costume in September or looking for an easy last minute costume? Today we're looking back at all the candy themed costumes we've done over the year, going way back to the beginning all the way up to our last Halloween event in 2019! These costumes were so fun to wear but most of them came together in the 48 hours before Halloween so could be a great option if you want to look like a treat this Halloween!

    We won't have the truck out for Halloween until 2022, but we are planning something big for Halloween so keep posted to our socials for more information coming soon!


    Classic Sugar Cube

    Go vintage with a classic Sugar Cube design! All you need is a box, purple paint, and a printed out version of our logo! Cumbersome to move around in but if you actually make this your costume and share it, you'll find some extra candy coming your way!

    Willy Wonka

     There's so many interpretations you can give to this costume! We're partial to Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka but you can go with a Johnny Depp style as well. The perfect costume to wear while giving out candy! 

    Cotton Candy Puff


     They say you are what you eat! Cotton Candy makes for a bright, colourful, and a really soft costume!

    Sour Patch Kids


    The key for this costume is making the head out of some soft foam board! Once you've got the head made, just wear clothes that match your favourite Sour Patch Kids flavour!

    Rock Candy


    Another sweet group costume! We used clear cubes with tinsel for the rock effect and made these cute stick headbands! Just be careful when walking through doors!


    A great costume to do with a buddy! For this costume, find your favourite Nerds flavour. Cut out two pieces of cardboard that are big enough to go from your shoulders to your hips. Paint each piece to match the Nerds flavour packaging. Print and cut out the Nerds logo, flavour name, and the mini Nerds creatures. Stick these onto your front half. To put on, hole punch and thread ribbon through both sides to create straps. For final touches, get some glasses and wear your geekiest duds!


    What's your favourite of our past costumes? What should we dress up as this year? Let us know in the comments below!

    Sweeten up the start of this school year!

    Learn about nature with our Plants and Animals Scavenger Hunt!

    Our scavenger hunts were created to help kids learn as well as play! The Plants and Animals Scavenger Hunt comes with ten facts about nature that can serve as learning opportunities for you and your kids. How can some flowers smell like chocolate? Why do flamingos eat upside down? These are just some of the questions that they'll be asking while enjoying some sweet treats!

    Click here to check out our Plants and Animals Scavenger Hunt!

    Head out of the house to some non traditional learning experiences!

    There's lots of amazing things to do around Calgary! One of our favourite places is Telus Spark. It's not just because they have an awesome ice cream cafe with planet themed ice creams... okay, it kind of is! But their interactive exhibits are sure to *spark* curiousity in your little ones! Check out a few other places we love below!

    Telus Spark

    Calgary Zoo

    Glenbow Museum

    Beyond Van Gogh

    Celebrate the first day of school with Maple Cotton Candy on your pancakes!

    We all love celebrating a special day with a good breakfast! If you haven't tried our twist on the classic Canadian condiment, you must! Grab a tub of Maple Cotton Candy and include a small puff on each of your pancakes. 

    Worried about how much sugar this is? A tub of Cotton Candy only has about a tsp of sugar... not as bad as dolloping whipped cream on top! 

    Click here to get some Maple Cotton Candy!

    Survive the first week back together with our Weekly Survival Kit!

    Have someone starting kindergarten? Feeling a little anxious sending them off for the first time? Enjoy a new candy every weekday with our Weekly Survival Kit! Each day comes with a small portion of candy that will provide a sweet treat and something for you to chat about when they get home!

    Click here to check out our Weekly Survival Kit

    Send them off to university with a Gourmet CandyGram!

    Looking for something special to pack with your teen when they go off to university? Want to give them something to celebrate their journey into adulthood? Ready to celebrate an empty house?!

    Our Cocktail Cubes are the perfectly elevated candy option for all grownups! Enjoy liquor infused options like champagne bears, cube libres, rose roses, and more! Feeling adventurous? Try spicy hearts, lemonade stars, and cosmo flamingos!

    Click here to check out our Cocktail CandyGrams!


    Celebrating Canada Day with Some Sweet Treats!

    As Canada Day approaches, one thing is for sure, we have no shortage of sweet treats to delight in. We're crushed that this will be our second year not spent out spinning Cotton Candy for the city. That doesn't mean there isn't lots of opportunities for sweets though! However you'll be spending Canada Day this year, we have some great suggestions to sweeten up your Canada Day!  

    Heading Out: Visit Canadian Bear Balls for Poutine and Doughnut Holes!

    Serving up canoe sized poutines and sugar and cinnamon dusted Bear Balls (doughnut holes) with Canadiana inspired toppings. They even have lobster rolls!

    Follow them on Instagram to see where they'll be on Canada Day!


    Ordering In: Canada Day Treats from Sugar Cube YYC!


    We have lots of red and white themed candies available for Canada Day! Want to level up your pancake game? Grab some Canadian Maple Cotton Candy to enjoy on top of your pancakes instead of (or with) your syrup!

    Order by June 28 to have your order in time for Canada Day celebrations!


    Doing it Yourself: Create your own Maple Taffy at home!

    This classic treat is normally created using fresh snow! Hopefully we don't have snow on Canada Day but this recipe we found on Maple From Canada gives you an option to use crushed ice in place of snow! What a great activity to do at home with the kids!

    Click here to see how to make your own Maple Taffy



    Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Looking for some sweet Father's Day gifts? We've compiled some of our favourite Sugar Cube gift ideas and gifts from businesses we love! Scroll through to see them all! 

    Matching T-Shirts from Silas and SlothSilas and Sloth Father's Day Sweatshirts

    We're a big fan of Silas and Sloth (See below for the matching set Alyssa got for Mother's Day) and these partner tees they've brought out for Father's Day are so cute! You only have so long where you can pick out what your kids wear and this is a perfect gift that is both adorable and comfortable. 

    Liquor Sampler Pack from The Sugar Cube

    A Candy Sampler that he definitely doesn't need to share with the kids! 
    Our Liquor Candy Sampler contains five of our favourite Liquor Gummies, including Gin and Tonic Bears, Blue Curacao and Rum Ice Cubes, Champagne Bears, Cuba Libre Ice Cubes, and Rose Roses!

    Coffee from Calgary Heritage Roasting Co

    Calgary Heritage Roasting Co
    In 2015, Canadian Heritage Roasting Company (also known by “Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.) was founded by two Wildland Firefighters who roasted fresh coffee for their teams in a cast iron pan on the fire line. Their business was built from these deeply rooted experiences and passion for the wild lands we call home.
    While they have amazing coffee, they're doing their part for the environment as well! They have made a commitment to plant one tree on our native soil for every 340g bag of coffee sold. In 2020 CHRC planted 30,000 trees - one small step in the right direction to preserving our wild places and creating a greener future.

    Candy Club Subscription from The Sugar Cube

    The gift that lasts all year round! Choose from one of our different available packages and then sit back and relax while we deliver new and exciting candies to dad's office or doorstep each month. Every month will come with something new!

    Unique Wines and Spirits from Vine Arts

    Vine Arts
    Vine Arts has an amazing selection of beer, wine and spirits, bitters specialty cocktail ingredients from around the world with a focus on unique, artisan products that deliver exceptional value. Locally owned and operated – Vine Arts was a long time dream turned into reality for two Calgary wine lovers! They do their best to support small, family owned wineries, breweries and distilleries where they can. Don't know much about wine? They're experts who will be able to lead you to a great gift dad is sure to love!

    Candy Basket from The Sugar Cube

    Our candy baskets always include a mix of different packaged and bulk candy – classics, unique finds, chocolate – you will definitely be in for a treat getting or giving this sweet surprise!

    Three Celebration Themes for Grad 2021!

    Although your Grad celebrations may be reduced this year, we're committed to bringing all the party energy we can muster! We have three party types below and matching candy pairings to sweeten up the celebration with your household

    Garden Party: Grow some Cotton Candy Trees!

    The weather is getting nicer so it's a perfect time to get on the barbeque and start grilling. Enjoy a potluck celebration outdoors with your close family. Our Cotton Candy Trees will take the dessert table to the next level. Each tree holds about 20 mini bags, ideal for everyone to have 1-2 bags!

    Click here to browse our Cotton Candy selection

    Click here to rent our Cotton Candy Tree. 

    Movie Night: Candy Party Cart


    Pop some popcorn, grab your favourite classic sodas and browse our Candy Party Cart for some extra treats for a fun movie night that makes you feel like you like you're back at the movies. Dress everyone up in their finest and roll out the red carpet for a fun movie premiere theme!

    Our top three school-themed movies for you: 

    • High School Musical (Make it a marathon with all three)
    • Legally Blonde
    • Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    Click here to purchase our Candy Party Cart!

    A True Bash: Smash a Piñata!

    Sugar Cube Pinata Kit


    After the year and a half we've had, we wouldn't blame you if you want to bash something with a stick! Blindfold your Grad, spin them around three times, and giggle as they try and hit the Piñata. They may have just finished their Bachelor's Degree, but they'll still stumble around and swing wildly!

    Stay tuned for a sweet new product and potential new partnership coming your way soon :) 

     Until then, if you need treats to fill your pinata - message us!