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    Come join us at Saskatoon Farm's 6th Annual Christmas Market November 25-27! Use code SGRCUBE for a ticket discount!


    Customize Your Sweets!

    We love customization! From the candy to the flavours to the sticker on top, we can personalize your order to be just what you'd like. All you need to do is let us know the theme and message: we'll do the rest! Today, we're chatting through some of our items that we can customize and the occasions that they're perfect for!


    Check out our entire Custom Collection at the link here!


    For a Crowd: Candy Bags

    Custom Stickered Superhero Sugar Cube Candy Bags

    If you have the whole class coming for the party, our Candy Bags are a great small treat with a custom touch!

    Click here to get our Custom Stickered Candy Bags 


    Looking for Party Loot: Custom Candy Bags

    If you're looking for something that will make a bit more of an impact at a party, we can't recommend our Custom Candy Bags enough! You can let us know your theme and design OR if you see a past design that you really love, we can adjust it for your party!

    Click here to check out our Custom Candy Bags

    Something even Sweeter: Customized Cotton Candy Tubs


    Sprinkle Party Custom Sugar Cube Cotton Candy Tubs

    Our Custom Cotton Candy Tubs are available in our regular size as well as a special half size. Choose from any of our top flavours or go with our flavour recommendation: Birthday Cake! White with rainbow sprinkles, it'll fit in with any theme and it tastes like biting into the yummiest vanilla cupcake!

    Click here to check out our Custom Cotton Candy Tubs

    Not Just for Kids: Wedding and Bachelorette Favours

    Custom Wedding Bachelorette Favours

    If you're looking for a sweet way to ask someone to be a bridesmaid or for thanking your guests for coming to your special day, candy is a favour that will rarely go to waste! 


    Click here to Order Custom Baby CandyGrams!

    Ordering 50+ Stickers? Send us an email to candy@sugarcubeyyc.com for discounted pricing


    Sweets for your Business: Custom CandyGrams

    Sugar Cube Custom CandyGrams

    If you're looking to step up your client gifting game or staff appreciation, let us help you out! Along with themed candy and stickers, we can also do branded note cards for an extra special touch!

    Send us an email to candy@sugarcubeyyc.com to learn about our Corporate Gifting Options

    Just Don't Add Water: Mermaid Themed Birthday Parties!

    Two things that don't typically mix: water and cotton candy! However, we've found ourselves more and more getting pulled into underwater themes. With two Mermaid themed birthdays under our belts already this year, we thought we'd show you how our Cotton Candy Carts can be dressed up to match your celebration!

    P.S. If any real mermaids want to get in touch to throw a party, might we suggest Candy instead? We'd love to do an "Under the Sea" Candy Buffet!

    Can you ever have too much fun?

    This Birthday Party was a collaboration shoot with Stef Forward Events and Little Chic Parties. Little Chic Parties brought out the bouncy castle, balloon decor and vision while Stef designed all of the signage you see here. As mother to the birthday girl, she also handmade macarons and the mermaid tail birthday cake (it was incredible, should she be pursuing baking?!) We were also visited YYC Princess' Friend, Ariel! 

    We say this as a reminder that this isn't an average example of a kid's birthday party! You don't need a Cotton Candy Cart or bouncy castle to have a successful birthday party. We hope this can provide some fun inspiration that you can take pieces of to incorporate into your future celebrations, hopefully supporting local businesses where you can. 

    Dress up the Cart!

    Our Cotton Candy Carts are a blank slate that we can totally customize for your celebration! Stef Forward Events made this stunning wooden "Cotton Candy Land" sign for the front of the cart. It now lives in our office and is available for other events! We also added some starfish to tie us into the rest of the decor!


    Ready to Make A Splash!

    The Cotton Candy was a hug hit with the kids AND grownups!

    If a Cotton Candy Cart isn't in your price range, we love our Mini Bags and Cotton Candy Tubs as a fun treat for birthdays! 

    What party themes do you want to see us do in the future? Let us know in the comments!

    Meet our Stampede Cotton Candy Flavours

    Stampede is only a month away and with it comes a selection of eclectic and experimental midway foods. This year's line up includes wild goodies like Kraft Dinner Soft Serve Ice Cream, Squid Corn Dogs, and Glazed Donut Grilled Cheese!

    You won't find us on the Stampede grounds but we've brought back our own Stampede classics for you to get a taste of the midway at home! Six classic fair treats, all turned into delicious cotton candy!


    Click here to shop our Stampede Cotton Candy Flavours!

     The Sugar Cube Stampede Cotton Candy Flavours


    Canadian Maple

    A classic addition to any Stampede Breakfast, this sweet maple cotton candy goes excellent on top of pancakes!

    Caramel Apple

    We've mixed green apple with sweet sweet caramel for this cotton candy that is a mix of tart and decadent!


    Great for adding on top of a Rootbeer Float!

    Mini Donut

    A staple of any food truck event! We've mixed cinnamon sugar into this cotton candy for a warm, toasted flavour that you'll love!


     We love mixing sweet and sour and this lemonade comes with just enough sour sprinkles to make you feel like you've tasted the real thing!

    Buttered Popcorn

    The secret to making this cotton candy taste just like popcorn? Salted Sprinkles. The mix of salty and sweet melting on your tongue is a combo that we can't get enough of!



    Our Top Grad Gifts

    With grad fast approaching, now is the time to recognize that special graduate. Whether they're leaving kindergarten or graduating with a masters, they'll never be too old for a sweet surprise. Read through to see our top three picks for gifts for your graduate!

    Grad Gram

    Treat the Grad in your life with this sweet CandyGram filled with 1kg of fresh and delicious candy. Choose their school colours or opt for a rainbow of delicious sweets!

    We can also accommodate a range of allergens as well as halal and vegan diets! 

    Click here to get a Grad Gram!

    Gigantic Surprise Bag


    Make them feel little again before you have to let them go! This Surprise Bag contains over 20 different packaged candies for them to enjoy. A fun mix of sweet, sour, and every in between! All packaged in a comically large Surprise Bag with an extra large Sugar Cube sticker.

    Click here to get a Gigantic Surprise Bag

    Candy Club Subscription

    Candy Club Subscription

    Something to get them through those late night study sessions next year at university or help make them friends in the office! Our Gigantic CandyGram Candy Club is filled with over 1kg of delicious, sweet bulk candy!

    Each Gigantic Candygram is filled with a mixture of both sweet and sour candy in the special theme of the month, and can be delivered to your graduate's residence or office!

    Click here to get a Candy Club Subscription!

    Vegan Candy FAQ

     Are you shopping for a Vegan, or looking to transition some of your diet to a more sustainable option? Or maybe you just want to know what the future of candy looks like? In our Vegan candy FAQ, we're rounding up some of the most common questions you might have about Vegan candy and what we can offer those with an animal free diet!

    What makes traditional candy not suitable for vegans?

    Believe it or not, the majority of candies contain gelatin, which is derived from animal products. Primarily from pigs, but also from cattle or fish, gelatin gives candy its bouncy texture and chew. 

    Another common ingredient in candy is beeswax. Beeswax makes gummies shiny and prevents them from sticking together in the bag!

    Other candies, like salt water taffy, also contain egg and milk products. 

    How does this change the texture, appearance, and taste of vegan candy?

    You don't get the same chew with vegan candy that you do with traditional candies. While traditional gummies require you to work harder for your sweet, vegan gummies let you bite straight through.

    In terms of looks, they'll look duller than average candies without that extra shine from beeswax and gelatin. However, we find that they look more more aesthetically pleasing for someone wanting a more grown up and muted palette.

    Taste is absolutely delicious. Plus, since most of our vegan candy is sourced from higher end companies, the taste can be even better!

    What the difference between something being vegan and something being Halal? Are they interchangeable?

    Short answer: No.

    Our Halal certified candy selection is mainly made with beef gelatin, making it entirely unsuitable for Vegans. 

    Our Vegan candy is generally suitable for Halal diets. Please let us know when selecting a Vegan CandyGram if the person is also on a Halal diet, so that we do not include sweets that use alcohol in their production.

    Why is there an additional charge for Vegan products?

    The Vegan candy we source in is significantly more expensive than other brands we source candy from. Like other allergens and dietary restrictions, our team takes extra time and care to research, produce, and label products safe for our customers. The additional charge ensures that our time and care is covered. 

    What products can I get that will be suitable for Vegans?

    All of our Cotton Candy is suitable for Vegans. Gourmet sprinkle options may not be vegan so please let us know in the "notes to staff" section if you are purchasing Cotton Candy for a vegan audience.

    Most of our bulk candy products (CandyGrams, Candy Bags etc.) come with a Vegan option. To know if something can be made Vegan, please check the allergen variants to see if it is listed. If Vegan is not listed as an allergen option, we cannot make the product Vegan.