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    Our August Candy Club Theme is SUMMER SPLASH!


    Fun Springtime Kid Friendly Activities for Easter!

    We're all looking forward to some warm spring weather this Easter! After two years spent finding new activities for your kids to do at home, we've all run low on our creativity. Luckily for you, we've come up with a few sweet activities that'll keep them engaged this Easter!

    Beyond hunting for eggs, here's some fun ideas for sparking your kids' imagination and creativity this spring!

    Grow some Candy Carrots with The Sugar Cube!

    If your kids are a fan of Elf on the Shelf, they will love some extra magic around Easter! This is a fun activity that's very easy to throw together. An exercise in gardening, science, and imagination!

    Simply bury some carrot scraps and sugar together in a pot of soil. Water generously and leave overnight. When your kids come downstairs in the morning, they'll be surprised to see that some candy carrots have grown!

    Order your Candy Carrots here!

    Need some more inspiration? Check out this reel we did explaining how to grow Candy Carrots

    Do some crafting with Hip Hooray Studios!

    Hip Hooray Studio's Original Create Kit is a box full of hand curated papers and craft supply treasures that will make any young artist sing for joy.

    This kit is tremendous for confident and more independent creators (those who prefer to make from their own imaginings) as well as creators who are beginning to learn to think outside the box and create more independently.

    Each original create kit comes with a beautiful collection of colourful and patterned papers, illustrated stickers and a colouring in sheet, glitter, yarn and ribbons, as well as all kinds of other wonderful bits and bobs that will inspire and ignite creativity.

    Click here to see this and more from Hip Hooray Studios!

    Do some sweet colouring with Cray Cray Crayons, The Oak Village, and The Sugar Cube

    This limited edition Easter Basket includes an Easter Cotton Candy tub and other sweets from The Sugar Cube with the extra fun of a personalized colouring sheet from The Oak Village and Easter themed crayons from Cray Cray Crayons!

    We think it's a great combo that will satisfy their sweet tooth but also keep them engaged in a quiet activity, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the long weekend!

    Click here to preorder your Easter Basket!


    What are some of your Easter traditions? How do you spend the long weekend with your kids? We'd love to hear about your Easter traditions in the comments below!

    Three Events Made for a Blind Candy Tasting!

    Blind Candy Tasting with Sugar Cube YYC

    At The Sugar Cube, we're always tasting and trying candy from all over the globe. Now we want to bring some of that fun to you with our Blind Candy Tasting Package! Designed to do at home on your own, 

    Each Tasting Package comes with ten candies for your guests to sample and guess the names and flavour profiles of each sweet. We've provided enough candy, sample sheets, and take home bags for 10 guests. Also included is an answer sheet (sealed in an envelope so the host can participate as well) and a rainbow Regular CandyGram for the person who guesses the most correct!

    Overall, this option works out to about $10 per person and you get a fun activity AND take home favours out of it! Need some inspiration for when to do this? We've included three occasions that are perfect for a Blind Candy Tasting!

    Want a Blind Candy Tasting for your next party or event? Click HERE to order yours!

    Birthday Parties

    Kids Birthday Party Favours

    If you're celebrating a special milestone or birthday with a small group of people, this could make a really fun activity that will get you guessing, quibbling, and laughing at everyone else's guesses. Perfect for adults looking to expand their candy palette but we also have a kids' version that doesn't contain any spicy or liquor infused flavours!

    Work Events

     Team Building Activity

    Looking for a fun way to mix up your work socials? A Blind Candy Tasting Party is a great alternative to patio beers or museum tour. This is an activity that could realistically be done within 30-45 minutes, leaving lots of time to chat about that new client project coming up!

    Bachelorette Bashes

    Bachelorette Party Activity Ideas

    Such a fun activity to do with the girls if you're staying in OR need a pregame activity before you hit the town! Put your own twist on the tasting by asking your guests to compare each candy to a celebrity hottie. 


    Are you ready to dive into a Blind Candy tasting for your next event? Click HERE to order yours!


    Happy International Women's Day! Nine women who inspire our team!

    We're so thankful to work with so many women who are making strides in business, advocacy, and community. 

    In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8, we're sharing a few of the business owners and creators that we love! This list is not exhaustive by any means, but a small snapshot of the women who inspire us. 

    Looking to celebrate a women in your life on International Women's Day? We've opened March 8 as a special delivery day! Deadline to order is March 6!

    Have any women leaders you'd like to shoutout? Put them in the comments and link to their businesses or social accounts!

    Alyssa's Shout outs!

    Heather Roy: Team Evelyn Foundation

    A long time friend of ours, Heather spreads love and kindness everywhere she goes, being a beacon of light even though she has been through some darkness. She works so hard through Team Evelyn Foundation to boost funding for childhood cancer research and support families dealing with childhood cancer. The legacy she's building for her daughter, Evelyn, has had a huge impact on our giving strategy and she always inspires us to find ways to better support our community. 

    Learn more about the Team Evelyn Foundation

    Lisa Webb: Wine, Women, Well-Being

    The founder of Wine, Women, Wellbeing, Lisa has spent a decade of her adult life building her community, networking, and finding sisterhood all over the world - chronicling her journey as Canadian Expat Mom through books and blogging. She's a clear example of the power of manifesting your dreams (so many times!) as well as encouraging and empowering women to do so for themselves. Her power to bring together community through Wine, Women, Well Being is inspiring!

    See more from Wine Women Well Being

    Jessica Janzen: Love for Lewiston Foundation

    Wife, Mama, Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach and Co-Founder of The Love for Lewiston Foundation, Jessica is advocating for change and making a huge impact on parents and babies all across Canada, particularly for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. SMA has been a common screening for newborns in the United States but not Canada... until very recently. She fought to get that screening included for all newborns and is advocating for early screening for other rare diseases. 

    See more from Jessica Janzen


    Carly's Shout outs!

    Alexandra Daignault: Sarjesa 

    Founder of Sarjesa, her tea company centers the voices and teachings of indigenous communities, particularly when it comes to sustainable sourcing and agricultural practices. So much goes into a cup of tea and her care at all stages of the supply chain is represented in the final product! I'm inspired by her thoughtfulness and commitment to using her product and platform to support community.

    Learn more about Sarjesa here. 

    Laura Dunford: Dunford Girls 

    Laura is the mastermind behind a lot of the styled shoots you've seen on our Instagram and website. Outside of her job as a CT and X-ray Technician in the Emergency Room, she has a love of big fun parties and goes over the top for her girls. It's so fun getting to collaborate with her and other local, women owned businesses to express our creativity and make these fun party concepts. In the hustle culture we live in where we're all encouraged to turn our passion projects into side jobs, Laura is a great example that you can keep some things just for fun! 

    Check out Dunford Girls on Instagram

    Sarah Dawes: Salty Sea Dog Designs

    One half of the fabulous Salty Sea Dog Designs, it's always a pleasure to spend a moment in her company or stumble upon one of her hilarious Instagram Reels. With her husband Blair, their ceramic partnership explores animal designs with cheerful colours, animated expressions and whimsical creations. Another proponent of paying it forward, she's been a rallying force to raise funds for community organizations and important causes. 

    Check out Salty Sea Dog Designs!

    Melissa's Shout outs!

    Cheryl Sanguinetti: The Mortgage Gallery

    We've worked with Cheryl for the past couple of years to send sweet treats on her behalf. We admire the appreciation she shows for client referrals and thanking those who have shared her name. Word of mouth is a game changer for all of us small businesses and she's helped remind us to consistently advocate and promote our friends in the industry.

    Learn more about The Mortgage Gallery

    Sara: Little Finley Co

    Sara puts so much love and time into her business selling kids clothes. She hand makes almost every item in her home studio! I like knowing that when I purchase from her business, I'm directly supporting her and her family. 

    See more from Little Finley Co

    Rhonda: Creative Edge Flowers

    A long time partner of ours, Rhonda lives and breathes flowers. She works so hard in her business and is always out being the face of her company. As a fellow mom of two, I always admire how much commitment and energy she devotes to her blossoming business!

    See more from Creative Edge Flowers



    The Sugar Cube's ABCs of Valentine's Day Gift Giving!

    Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love with the ones you love. We're all about keeping the celebration to just you and your partner, but it's also an opportunity to recognize those that you appreciate within your extended family, work team, and community. We've gone through the alphabet and highlighted some individuals who could use some sugary love- from Auntie all the way to Zamboni Driver!
    Want an easy way to send some sweetness?

    Sweet ways to spend Valentine's Day with kids!

    With the ever changing world we're living in, you might be thinking about staying home this Valentine's Day rather than hiring a babysitter and going out for a kid-free evening. The question then becomes how can you keep the kids entertained while you try to enjoy a romantic evening?

    Look no further! Here's our top three suggestions for fun Valentine's Day activities that you can do with your kids or set up for them to do on their own!

    Have your own ideas for a fun Valentine's Day with the kids? Drop them in the comments below for us to see!

    X's and O's Game Candy Sampler

    Who says you shouldn't play with your food?! Our X's and O's Game Candy Sampler brings you the best of both worlds. With nine delicious Valentine's Day candies and packaging that doubles as an X's and O's game, it's guaranteed to add some fun to your Valentine's Day activities!

    Open boxes from the bottom to best preserve the boxes for long-lasting fun!

    The X's and O's Sampler does not include any spicy candies, making it a great item to enjoy with the entire family!

    Click here to see our X's and O's Game Candy Sampler

    Have an adventure with our Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt!

    Need an activity that's going to help them burn off some energy? We've come up with an awesome at-home scavenger hunt for you! Complete with fun Valentine's riddles and delicious treats, all you have to do is hide each one in their designated place and enjoy some alone time while your kids have a fun evening of searching!

    Click here to check out our Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt!

    Want to try our other hunts? Click here to check out all of our Scavenger Hunts!

    Have a night in at the movies with Candy Bags and some fun soda!

    What better way to spend a night in than snacking and enjoying a movie? We have a great selection of movie snacks that'll be sure to elevate the at home movie experience! Grab a selection of smaller movie snacks or go for a Candy Basket which includes a range of all our favourite candies and packaged sweets!

    Our Snacking Suggestions

    Lucky Elephant Pink Popcorn

    Crush Sampler Pack

    Valentine's Day Candy Bag

    Valentine's Day Candy Basket