Sweet Centerpiece

When you are in the process of planning an event, different colors and themes come to mind. Usually, they start with the obvious choices first. Perhaps from events you have attended in the past or colors that are on the safe side. This year, why not take your next event to a whole new level – by stepping out of the box?


There are so many amazing features you can add to your event to make it memorable! Here is an example of a recent event where we brought a Willy Wonka theme come to life this Christmas!

Remember that a few key touches and DIY ideas can make your theme really “pop”. This event featured centerpieces made by us, The Sugar Cube! If you want to add these to your next event, here are the steps to create them:

  1. Get the Supplies: You will need: unicorn pops, sparkle picks (you can find these at Michael’s), a clear jar, a Styrofoam ball (small enough for jar – with about an inch of space all the way around), and scissors.


  1. Candy Sticks: Start arranging the unicorn pops in the Styrofoam ball. Making sure that they are sticking out in all directions, evenly.


  1. Sparkle Picks: Add the sparkle picks evenly throughout the Styrofoam ball. Making sure that they are covering around and between the unicorn pops.


  1. Candy: Last step! Add some candy around the bottom of the jar. This will hide the bottom of the sparkle picks, unicorn pops and Styrofoam ball! Make sure you fill with enough candy to cover the ball all around!


This event turned out better than we ever expected! Many of the guests couldn’t stop talking about the décor! They were expecting a typical holiday party, but this theme brought a bit of “wow” (and added a little more fun)!


This event wouldn’t be the same without more local vendors who helped accomplish this amazing day! Along with our company The Sugar Cube, we used our favorite linen rental company Chair Flair to bring pretty décor that matched the theme we were trying to create! Then, we got our favorite photographer Riana Lisbeth to capture the memories!


If you are thinking about stepping out of the box for your next event, try asking some local vendors for their help and input! Usually they have a lot of ideas up their sleeve that can bring your event to the next level! Also, don’t forget Pintrest for more DIY ideas for that extra charm!


Another great idea – assorted popcorn buffet!


If you are looking for ideas for a candy centerpiece for your event - we can help! Let us know your theme and we will make you something SWEET! Contact us at


Those "Rare" Candy Treats!


Sure, you can find candy at the local convenience store. However, here at The Sugar Cube, we are fans of the “hard to find” stuff. The rare, special, and delicious treats that take a special kind of store. 

To get you excited for the summer season, we are sharing ten of our favorite treats that you will find on our truck this year!


  1. Tahiti Treat

 So delicious, we consider this soda – candy! Like a fruit punch, only better! Make sure to pick up one of these rare sodas to quench your thirst this summer.


  1. Curly Whirlys (formerly Zim Zams)

 These chocolate, caramel, chewy treats are the BEST! They are hard to find, but don’t stress, The Sugar Cube has them!


  1. Bean Boozled/Bertie Botts Beans

 Jelly beans in every crazy, gross, sweet, sour and several unexpected flavours! You better pick these up at the beginning of the summer! They won’t last, they are just TOO much fun!


  1. Astro Pops

 YUM! These cone-shaped lollipops felt like they fell off the face of the planet! Don’t worry if you cant find them anywhere else, we have a steady supply!


  1. Bottle Caps

 Fizzy, refreshing and delicious, these little bottle caps hit the spot! Bring yourself back to your childhood with these hard-to-find candies!


  1. Tart n’ Tinys

 These tasty treats are small and packed with fruit flavours! We love crunching down on these little treats!


  1. Rootbeer Float - Mike and Ikes

 Who doesn’t love Mike and Ikes? They are part of our candy culture! What is even better than Mike and Ikes? When they come in Root Beer flavour.


  1. Cotton Candy- Mike and Ikes

 Not only do we have a Cotton Candy station, we also have cotton candy flavoured Mike and Ikes! These candies are so sweet, chewy and PACKED with sweetness.


  1. Red Hots

 If you are addicted to cinnamon flavour, these candies are for you! Taste the delicious burn of sweet cinnamon while crunching on these rare treats. 


If you can't find your favourite candy - let us know! We just might have it, or may consider getting it for next year! We love to hear your candy suggestions

Just comment below, or email us at:

The Candies we miss the MOST!


Candy is part of our childhood. Going to the candy shop, or local convenience store, and stocking up on a bag of your favourite treats was a weekly ritual for most of us. 


Sometimes, it still is. But, what ever happened to some of those candies that we loved so much? Here at the Sugar Cube, we like to have a moment of silence for all those candies that are no longer around.


 Here are our top five discontinued treats that we wish we could still buy:

Mojo Taffy
<<Pic from:>>

Yum, the sweet taste of chewy taffy! There is something pleasant about chewing on these little sugary treats. Although you cannot find these anymore, we found a substitution! Make sure you ask us about it when you visit the truck this summer!


Bubble Jug
<< Pic from:>>

If you don't recognize these little Bubble Jug's - you will be a minority. They were everywhere! These little containers were filled with chewy bubble gum! They were pretty fun to carry around too! 


Ouch – Bubble Gum
<<Pic from:>>

The flavour of this gum used to last FOREVER! It used to be a hot commodity to share among your friends! Plus, it looked like band-aids and that was just TOO cool. 


<<Pic from:>>

Just as tasty as nerds! These little guys were sweet, crunchy candy that would keep you entertained! We wish we could pick up a pack of these - right now! 

<<Pic from: Pintrest>>

We are missing these tangy and delicious treats! They were one of the best to make our tongue cry for EVEN more! 

We wish these childhood candies would come back! In the mean time, we will settle for new and delicious candies that come along! 

Do you have a favourite candy that got discontinued?
Let us know by leaving a comment below:
We may be able to find you a substitute:).

Sweet Schemes: Blush, Ivory, and Gold.

When it comes to planning a Wedding, there are so many details involved! Where do you start? Why not start out by picking a colour scheme that matches the feel of your wedding! 


// Blush, Ivory, and Gold //


Welcome to our new monthly feature: Sweet Schemes, where we showcase a different trending colour palette for dessert and candy buffets and give you examples of some candy options we stock to fit each theme!

This month, we are focusing on a very popular colour scheme in the wedding industry! Blush, ivory, and gold are showing up in several weddings this 2016 - and we love it! 

It gives such a romantic presence to your special day! Using these soft colours throughout your decor, can create an overall subtle but elegant statement that will leave your guests in awe! 




At The Sugar Cube, we can make the perfect Candy Buffet to go with any colour scheme that you choose! Our displays provide sweet treats for your guests, and a beautiful custom display to match your decor! 

For this particular colour scheme, we would recommend the following candy combinations as our top 5 picks:


 We will be back next month with a new Sweet Scheme! We love coming up with different candy selections! 

Let us know if there is a colour scheme you want to see next! Or, If you need help with your next Candy Buffet - contact us at



Soda, Soda, Soda



This March we are focusing on SODA!
There is something about sweet soda that can take you back to your childhood!
That delicious, thirst quenching treat that leaves you wanting even more.
What if you could get your soda in a candy form too?
Well, now you can! The Sugar Cube will be cruising around the YYC streets stocked with candy’s that provide that delicious flavor. In an even sweeter (and edible) form!


Classic Bottle Caps
 First off, Bottle Caps! These are a definite childhood favourite! They come in a box - jam packed with different soda flavours (root beer, cherry, grape, cola and orange).



Root Beer Candy 
Then comes our obsession with all things root beer flavoured. These candies literally taste like your drinking a delicious, fizzy and authentic root beer! 


The Real Root Beer
If your actually craving the real thing - try our Frosty Root Beer! It has flavours that will leave you craving more - and will defiantly quench your thirst this summer! 

Hubba Bubba - Dr Pepper 
This Hubba Bubba tastes like a fizzy masterpiece! It is fresh, chewy and SO thirst quenching! You won't be able to stop telling your friends about it! 

Mentos - Fresh Cola 
These Mentos are extra refreshing and delicious! They practically fizz when you pop one of these in your mouth! 


If your just looking for a variety? Try all of our unique, fresh and delicious soda candies. They come in the flavours of:
Cherry Cola
Raspberry Lemonade
If your craving soda, candy (or both) be sure to visit our candy truck this summer! Follow us on social media (@SugarCubeYYC) to see our location! 
Let us know what your favourite soda, or soda candy is! We might just keep stocking our truck with even MORE before truck season :).