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Why Settle for Boring Desserts When We Have a Cotton Candy Cake?

Why Settle for Boring Desserts When We Have a Cotton Candy Cake?

Are you tired of serving the same monotonous desserts at your parties? Great, we hoped you were!

We've got you covered with our unique and delicious Cotton Candy Cake. This cake is not only a treat for your taste buds but also a feast for the eyes. The cake's vibrant colours and fluffy texture are sure to grab your guests' attention and create a fun and festive atmosphere.

Our Cotton Candy Cake is perfect for those looking for a fun and whimsical dessert. It is a great alternative to traditional cakes and is guaranteed to impress your guests. We understand that everyone's taste preferences are different. That's why we offer flavour customization options. The cake is available in our classic rainbow design, or you can request up to three colours at checkout to match the theme of your party.

To keep up with the alternative theme, we suggest picking up one of our Candy Bags in a rainbow mix or any colour of your choosing. You can now decorate the top! There is no mucking around with piping bags, or trying to get the gel in those little squeeze bottles to actually work. Easy!

Our Cotton Candy Cake comes in two sizes:

  • Small (12" x 12") which feeds 6 to 8 people for $45
  • Large (16" x 16") which feeds 10 to 15 people for $85

They are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings showers, pool parties, backyard bbq's, sleepovers or any other celebration you have in mind.

Ready to add some sweetness to your next celebration? With its fluffy cake layers, vibrant colours, and customizable flavours, our Cotton Candy Cake will be a crowd-pleaser. Don't wait, order now and let us make your party one to remember!

Now, what flavour combo can you see at your next event?

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