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    Behind the Scenes of Valentine's Day Candy

    Valentine's Day is over and we wanted to share a few STATS from our candy sales! We love seeing all the candy that exchanges hands, spreading the love in YYC! 

    Didn't get enough candy this holiday? We have a steady supply ready to make its way into your hands or someone you love! Who says giving candy is just for Valentine's Day



    5 Sweet Date Night Ideas


    A list that doesn’t include dinner and a movie.


    Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year. Which means, most people have the whole day off to hang out with their loved one(s) and celebrate. So, we thought why not do something more fun than just a dinner and a movie?

    There are so many SWEET ideas we wanted to share with you!



    1. Fondue (Cheese & Chocolate anyone?)

    Fondue is such a social activity! Which is why it is fun on Valentine’s Day! Instead of chatting over a boring meal – make it a little more exciting with fondue! Turn a date night into an exciting activity, or bring your kids who will love it too!

    Get a fondue set at a local store to try it at home. Or visit Laurier Lounge here in YYC!


    1. Tobogganing & Hot Chocolate

    It is still the winter season and there are so many fun activities to enjoy! Valentines day is the perfect time to grab your partner, friends or your kids for a fun day of tobogganing. 

    Then, when you’re all tired and cold, go back home for some delicious hot chocolate. A perfect addition to this plan – grab some Sugar Cube candy of course!


    1. Games Night 

    Who says Valentine’s Day has to be only a partner activity? Maybe have a few couple’s or a few girlfriends over to celebrate! Have some games and Valentines themed cocktails ready (along with a candy overdose of course).

    Maybe – play a few games with a love theme involved!


    1. Make dinner/ Lunch/ Brunch in

    Make dinner together instead of going out! There is something about putting in the work, and bonding over the process that makes it taste SO much better! 

    Maybe even get your little ones, or a friend to help you bake some cookies for dessert!


    1. Paint Night

     If you haven’t been to one of these nights yet – you are missing out! It is a great bonding experience! Drink wine and get creative with paint night!

    You can either get supplies to do it at home or check out Paint Nite – where you can find one going on near you!


    These are only a few sweet and memorable ideas to make Valentine’s Day 2016 the best one yet! If you have any other ideas to do at home, or in the Calgary area please share them with us!

    And, remember - to grab your Sugar Cube candy, for that extra sweetness! Check our our Valentine's Day 2016 collection here!

    Why Candy and Flowers Belong Together

    Some things are just better together - like peanut butter and jam, cookies and milk, or candy and flowers! There is nothing comparable to receiving a beautiful arrangement of flowers followed by a sweet treat to savor. They just go! It has been the perfect gift for decades – and now The Sugar Cube and Flower Chix are giving it a freshly-sweet YYC twist by offering complimenting combo packages!

    5 reasons why adding a sweet treat to your candy bouquet is a good idea:

    1) It is unique and memorable – everyone has a childhood memory associated with candy – it has a way of bringing about nostalgic memories and thoughts of sweet celebrations. It is a truly unique way to show someone you care, because let’s be honest, everyone gives chocolate – think outside the box!

    2) Everyone likes a gift you can eat – there is something fun about being able to indulge in a gift the moment you receive it! You just received a sweet little package that someone thought of sending you, because you deserve it. So kick off your heels, sit down, and enjoy it!

    3) Everyone likes a gift you can share (or not!) – Candy is the perfect gift to receive in a work setting – you can politely share a small piece with co-workers and then pack the rest away to consume yourself. While the saying, ‘You don’t make friends with salad’ might be true – you absolutely make friends with candy.

    4) It makes the gift last longer – well, it has the potential to anyways. Let’s be honest, this is likely not true. Although candy has a longer shelf life it is likely to be consumed within minutes of getting it – so forget we said this.

    5) Because you can’t kill candy – Women LOVE getting flowers, because they are gorgeous and make them feel special. Now, you can extend that feeling for a longer period of time by pairing flowers with their best sidekick – candy!

    You no longer have to choose between giving flowers OR candy, you can give the best of both worlds – and truly sweeten someone’s day! The Sugar Cube and Flower Chix are now offering these delectable combinations:

    Sweet Tooth


    This is the perfect gift for a birthday- or simply someone who just needs a little encouragement! It includes the Flower Chix own Purple Wave floral design full of rich purple dendrobium orchids complimented with a 600g Candy Cube – filled to the brim with a delicious assortment of sweet and sour bulk candy! 

    $60 - Buy Me!


    The Sugar Coated Bunch 


    A perfect wedding gift or a big CONGRATS! This includes a striking arrangement of Bells of Ireland, colorful roses, alstromeria and tropical greenery with a Gigantic 1kg Candy Gram - overflowing with a mixture of bulk candy, both sweet and sour – this gift is truly perfect to share with anyone!

    $80 - Buy Me!


    Mega Candied Bouquet 

    This is the MEGA gift! For someone very special, a Christmas gift, or for an office team! It features a a stunning bouquet of lush dendrobium orchids, hot pink roses, mini green hydrangea in unique design sure to catch anyone’s eye, accompanied by a Sugar Cube Candy Basket: a unique gift filled with all sorts of retro sweet treats, imported chocolate, hard to find sodas, and old school penny candy!

    $105 - Buy Me!



    Bridal Fantasy: Conquering the Bridal Show!

    We had the chance to showcase a booth at the wonderful Bridal Fantasy the other week - it was such a great time! I always love doing these events, they are A LOT of work - but are always worth it at the end of the day. The preparation and anticipation can be quite draining, but there is nothing like spending a whole day talking to Brides about their special days. It is always such a gratifying feeling, knowing that all your hard work and preparation has paid off, and seeing how excited Brides get about what you do.

    We were even lucky enough to have won a prize! Our booth was featured as one of the best and we were chosen as the Best New Vendor of 2015! It was so exciting, and I couldn't have been more proud of my wonderful team who helped pull it all together. We are so excited to put our prize to good use - radio spots on Virgin Radio... eeeek :). Keep your ears peeled leading up to this coming Valentine's Day!

    I wanted to leave you guys with a couple tips of what has worked really well in getting the most out of these shows, since they are quite the investment for small businesses! 

    1) Go Paperless, Be Environmentally Friendly! 

    Having done shows over the last two years, there is one common thing I have heard - it's that Brides are often bogged down by how much reading material they have to lug around all day. Not only that, but when they get home, they often throw out a good portion of the material they get anyways.

    This year we went completely paperless in terms of promotional materials. We collected email address with our iPads, through a program that links with MailChimp called 'Chimpadeedoo' and we had our 'Wedding Candy Brochure' online and sent it out to the brides a couple days after the show (so they could have some breathing room after the overwhelming show!).

    2) Prizing - Don't forget about their Posse!

    We all know that at these Bridal shows, the Brides want to enter some sort of giveaway at every booth. This year, in addition to giving away a candy buffet to one lucky bride, we also capitalized on making a second giveaway something that their posse could enter as well (their bridesmaids, their mom's.. whoever was with them supporting them that day), by giving away a Candy Club Subscription.

    We recieved good feedback from attendees that this was nice that they felt involved too - plus, these people will likely either be Brides themselves one day, or will have a good hand in influencing some of the decisions that the Bride makes, so it is good to collect their information as well.


    3) Get Involved and Get Social!

    Usually prior to the Bridal show, there are many opportunities for you to get involved with the show and get your name out there even more - a lot of vendors don't realize this.

    With Bridal Fantasy they offered vendors a featured post on their blog, gave you the opportunity to customize your directory listing on their website, and even featured some vendors in their annual Bridal Magazine.

    As always, getting interactive on social media helps as well - help to promote the show, engage with other vendors, and follow the shows major hashtags. Often you'll get a chance to interact with attendees via social even before the day of the show. This will keep your business top of mind so that attendees make sure to hit up your booth the day of!

    {Our Feature in the Bridal Fantasy 2015 Magazine}

    I hope this helps give you some ideas for the next show! I would love to hear what you guys do to prepare for the show - if you have any winning nuggets to share with the rest of us, please comment below!

    Hope to see you all at the next one :)