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Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Struggling with what to add to your kids stockings besides socks and bubble bath? Our Candy Bags and Baby CandyGrams are perfect small options for adding to stockings, but we have lots more options on our store! Scroll through for five fun things that they'll actually love!

Cotton Candy Tubs

Most events where you'd normally find cotton candy this year have been cancelled, leaving the cotton candy lovers in your life yearning for a taste. We have all sorts of flavours to celebrate the season like Gingerbread and Peppermint or classics like Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Caramel Apple. Please note: Cotton Candy Tubs have a short shelf life. Therefore, if you're ordering for Christmas, your entire order will be deferred until December 21st for delivery! 

Order Holiday Cotton Candy Tubs Here!

Order Regular Cotton Candy Tubs Here!


Whirly Pops!

The perfect treat to add onto any order! We have Whirly Pops in colours from blue to pink to red, adding a little whimsy to any stocking!



Enjoy your favourite candies... in Candy Cane Form! We have limited edition candy cane packs available in Jelly Belly, Warhead, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch, Sweetarts, and Jolly Rancher.

Buy 2 boxes and get the 3rd for 50% OFF using code CANDYCANE50 at checkout!

Click here to see our Candy Cane Box Selection


Or opt for our Gourmet Hammonds Candy Canes... available in Cherry, Wintergreen, Fruit Punch, and Caramel Apple. Buy 3 and get the fourth free! No promo code needed - simply add 4 Candy Canes to your cart! 

Click here to see Hammonds Candy Canes


Butterbeer or Gross Soda Pack

With our Gross Soda Pack, you get four fun sodas that you can split between stockings! Enjoy flavours like Kitty Piddle, Unicorn Barf, and Dog Drool mixed with other soda types like Butterscotch Beer and Coconut Cream Lime!

We also have the much sought after Butterbeer available as a 4 pack as well! 

Click here to see our Gross Soda Four Pack

Stocking Stuffer Gift Bag

Can't decide between all of our sweet options? Grab our Stocking Stuffer Gift Bag! Contains a candy bag, 3 delicious packaged treats, and one of our limited edition candy flavours Candy Canes.


Click here to grab the Stocking Stuffer Gift Bag

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